Should I go to the MIlitary Sealift Command employment fair? Help!

I’m 17 and starting as a senior in HS now and I have been looking at the military sealift command for a while now. I still no nothing about it as no one will give me any solid info about it, and I was wondering if it would be a good idea to go to their job fair they are having in San Diego this month? I am not eligible to work yet but in a year I will be. Will they welcome me and answer my questions or shoot me down and tell me to come back later? I just want an idea of what to do after HS. I cant join the Navy because I have a foot problem a very minor one, but still a DQ. So dont tell me to just join the navy. I really will appreciate any info as I am in desperate need for some, I live North of LA and I dont want to drive 4 hours to SD for nothing. Thanks so much.

Sure go down there talk to them get your info, they will talk to you about their OS positions, in the mean time I would try and get on charter fishing boats as a deckhand so you have some seatime/ expirence and as soon as you turn 18 get yourself your MMD for os/wiper/ stewards dept and get a twic card . That’s what you’ll need to get considered for entry level spots

Have you thought about Cal Maritime? You’ll get a college degree, and after 4 years of school and some summer cruises you could theoretically go to MSC, or other commercial shipping companies as a mate/assistant engineer. Nothing wrong with starting as an O/S but as someone previously said you’ll need to get an Merchant Mariners document and TWIC in advance before you can really apply anywhere. You used to be able to get an MMD under age 18, unless the TWIC thing messed that up.

Not a bad idea to go to career fairs though, starting at your age is a good idea to figure out what kind of career you maybe interested in. For some info on getting started on your documents.