New seaman in need of a job

Just got my MMC. I need something around the Hampton Roads, VA area. Chesapeake, VA Beach, Norfolk, anything around there. Any help?

Military Sealift Command

Might try military sealift command. The main office is in Virginia beach, and you would probably start out working based out of Norfolk.

[QUOTE=DeckApe;67665]Military Sealift Command[/QUOTE]

i’m in the same position as you, ducky. going to apply to the Paul Hall Center here soon, unless MSC OS opens up within the next month or so. my question about MSC is this: in the FAQ they make it seem like everyone needs seatime, even Ordinary Seaman?

Do I need seagoing experience to join MSC?

Seagoing experience is a basic requirement for nearly every position at MSC. The only position where seagoing experience or skilled training is not required is the Supply Utilityman position. Please review our Now Hiring page to learn more about our open positions.

Don’t worry about seatime for entry level positions regardless of what they say at MSC. Also there are tons of tugboat outfits based in and around Norva that you can check out.

Knock on tugboat companies door’s around town. All of em. I have gotten several interviews in the past just from doing that. Moran, McCallister, Norfolk Tug, Ireland, W3, Intercoastal, Robbins, Allied, Vulcan, etc. If you really hit every office I wager you would get at least one interview if not a job offer. I know Norfolk has been willing to take on green deckhands in the past.

Thanks for all the suggestions. I am sure one will be a winner. I called MSC and they do not currently have any entry level positions open. But I will be sure to take a day and go around to all of the local tugs.

If you have never sailed before tugs are a great start. You will learn a ton on a harbor tug in a month.

[QUOTE=Jnx;67668]i’m in the same position as you, ducky. going to apply to the Paul Hall Center here soon, unless MSC OS opens up within the next month or so. my question about MSC is this: in the FAQ they make it seem like everyone needs seatime, even Ordinary Seaman?[/QUOTE]

I’ve spoken to two recruiters from MSC. I’m also new to this. I was told by both recruiters that their OS positions (when opened) does require experience and the bare minimal BST and RFPNW. Both recruiters mentioned that the only positions available for individuals without “Any” experience/endorsements/certificates is the Supply Utliltyman, and that when OS or Wiper positions do open it is through the Advancement Program…which usually goes to Supply Utliltyman looking to move on/up. What was most discouraging was that OS and Wiper positions haven’t open in over a year and there was no indication that any would in the near future.

I don’t know how true this information is. Some here don’t seem to trust the knowledge of MSC recruiters. And I have seen at least one individual on this site indicate that he was hired on as an OS with MSC in Houston/Gulf area but he didn’t give any information about his experience or endorsements.

Spoke to the local Union Hall (West Coast). The Dispatcher (Methinks that’s what they are called) laughed when I ask about OS and Wiper positions at MSC and stated, “Why would they ever need to open those positions when they contract through us for unlicensed deck and engine room positions”. They (Union) were also trying to get another Small Arms class together through MSC because there appears to be unlicensed opening (there are always unlicensed open positions) coming up. Those positions are not being advertized by MSC. Apparently they are being filled by the Unions.

I asked to be placed on their list for the Small Arms class. My request was denied because I am not a member of the Union. Membership requires BST and RFPNW.

^^ Interesting. Thanks for posting that.

You will have a better chance getting hired at msc with no experience as a supply utility! Then just wait till os or wiper opens up. They open the os jobs up to current msc employees first!

There is MSC that operates ships with federal employees. There are other “MSC contract” ships that are manned by unions members. They don’t work on each other’s ships and are hired and employed by separate organizations, even the entry levels.

Either you misunderstood him or he you but one of you is comparing apples to oranges.

In late 2010 MSC was hiring no experience OSs for their OS to AB advancement program, but that has been closed for a while now. If Steward-Utility opens up go for it and work into OS/AB from the inside. Wiper could open at some point, go for that if it does. Ditto what DeckApe wrote about 2 groups of MSC ships, some are manned by MSC and some are manned by unions. If you join MSC, it’s the non-union manned type vessels.

MSC is a waiting game. I don’t see OS opening up until early OCT again. I’m currently finishing up step 1 for the Paul hall center UAP. The last thing I gotta do for step 1 is take the math and eng test. While applying at Paul hall I’m also waiting to hear a answer back from MSC for the SU position. So I will see what happens.

If you take a SU job with MSC and want to get into the deck or engine dept’s make sure you do not do a very good job as SU. In my 17n years at MSC I saw more than one guy work very hard in the scullery etc only to get the shaft from the Chief Steward at eval time. The Steward doesn’t want to lose a good hand so he gives a crappy eval and you get stuck in the SU position. Do a crappy job and the Steward wants to get rid of you and gives you a better eval and recommendation for transfer to another dept.

Wow!!! Are you serious ? Well damn thanks for the info I will keep that in mind if I get selected for SU because I wanna switch over to the engine dept A.S.A.P.

I’m serious as a heart attack. Think about it. You’re the supervisor. Most of your employees are slackers. One guy is good and wants out of your dept. You don’t want to lose him, do you?

You got a point. I didn’t really think of it like that though when I had 1st thought about it. I thought like say if you wanted to cross over it wouldn’t be a problem as long as your getting trained after hours and then once the promotion time comes up you apply. Or how is the process for crossing over ?