276 Days Without Buzby

Good morning maritime America. It’s year 2 of the worst shipping crisis and 276 DAYS since we’ve had a US Maritime Administrator.

It’s the worst SHIPping crisis in decades and Biden has appointed a Port Envoy but no SHIP envoy or even a Maritime Administrator. How does this make sense?

IMHO we are suffering from a serious leadership vacuum in shipping.


Couldn’t agree more John. I don’t think this administration has a clue how important and crucial it is to the nations infrastructure to get those positions filled. Can’t call Buzby back, even if they could, wouldn’t blame him if he less than politely declined. I recall an article on here about a viable and capable candidate with vast experience.

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Several great candidates:

And even one who’s a real ship captain (imagine that!):

Buzby was a champion of US maritime interests but no change of any consequence will happen unless the congress decides to do so. If the senate or house of representatives passed laws to implement Buzby’s good thoughts I am not aware of them.

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  1. You’re right and Buzby is the first one to admit that he failed to accomplish what he wanted to accomplish but at least we had a voice. Buzby was everywhere including Congress. I only have ever saw Obama and Biden administrators at events with shipping bigwigs.

  2. No Maritime legislation can possibly pass Congress without senior U.S. Navy approval and the US Navy for decades has pinned us down. Buzby did nothing to help us in Congress but the prerequisite for Congress is US Navy support and Buzby, while not :100: effective, did manage to pry open the door to senior level navy discussion.

And for that I am thankful.

P.S. I could list all the other things I was frustrated at Buzby‘s office for but… all those things are very well documented over on the news portion of the site.

Very true. I was often frustrated with Buzby but realistically how far on a limb could he go? He can choose to live a life as a former MARAD and retired admiral who pushed congress to support the US mariners or he could choose to feather his own nest after MARAD. Don’t see alot of the evidence of the former but we shall see what choice he makes.

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Buzby had the balls to call out and challenge the the fleet to activate on short notice and show all parties how dysfunctional the present system was/is… He actually cared about the fleet. Will the next one worry more about the fleet or his /her next step up? Buzby wasn’t worried about future career, he was already set for life.He made some noise others did not care for. Hats off to him for not giving a shit who he pissed off to make a difference and raise awareness. I don’t think we’ve heard the last from him…


#hirejohnkonrad #konradonthecon
Write your senators guys!

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Look, they haven’t even made a Commissioner of CBP yet, probably a bit more important than MARAD Admin. So, until some of those top positions get chosen, I have a feeling MARAD admin is the bottom of the list.


That is probably a less desirable job than MARAD boss. Who wants a thankless and politically dead end job?

Desirable or undesirable by who’s standards? Looking at the current situation, they will prioritize what’s best for the USA, and MARAD admin could go filled or unfilled and we probably wouldn’t know a difference now or years down the line.

I’ll sleep easier tonight.