Would love to hear thoughts from anyone?

I’m curious who G-Captain interviewed, I never got a call. :wink:


Interesting article by Mr Konrad. Thanks for taking the time to put that informative story together. Buzby did not make new friends exposing the incompetency of the prior administrations by calling for the immediate rollout of the MSC fleet. I applaud him for that. Will these potential candidates you mentioned have the kahonas to challenge status quo or try to protect their own future jobs on the hill?

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Used to be the squeaky wheel got the grease. Nowadays with a good number of cheap & easily available replacements squeaky wheels get changed. When changing a squeaky wheel, most people will go with a replacement that doesn’t have a history of squeaking.

Leaving the position empty for so long should send a clear message to the future political spot holder & to the public that it isn’t that important to the ones calling the shots. We should expect the status quo or less.


I don’t disagree Pebble, we lost a decent fellow who did “Squeek” a bit.Am curious what Buzby is participating in now, or just said fuck these assholes in a tactical manner. And did leave a future footprint. I think the newbies recognized he will be hard to replace. Will the new cat’s follow his path whoever they may be? Probably not, but fingers are still crossed.

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The new person and future people need to have a specific roadmap. Pick a green fuel to support, push that agenda, allow the Bluewater and brown water fleets to build wherever in the world, as long as they utilize the chosen green fuel. Only way US fleet hits the 2050 mark.

Ok, let’s start with the obvious. Linares is a former long time MSC employee who transferred to MARAD. Project Manager on the NMSV? Outsourcing to Foreign Suppliers? Should be investigated.
Track record of conversion and shipbuilding projects how many on time and on budget? Has Linares ever stepped foot about an RRF vessel and Activated it? How about sea time? Besides- When will we EVER learn that every time someone comes over from MSC, that we rue the day they went to work for MARAD? Sea Time? Highest License? Operational Experience? This is NOT the best choice. No commercial steamship company experience- besides- PMP’s are a dime a dozen these days.

Capt. Cook. A Philadelphia Pilot. How much sea time as MASTER? Commercial Management Experience? MARAD RRF Experience? Highest Degree Held? Exposure to Shipbuilding and Loan Guarantee Programs? Better than Linares, but still not qualified in my humble opinion…

Cedeno? You’re kidding right? Same questions.

Capt. Peterlin? Very Good Choice. Educator. Master Mariner, Commercial Management Experience. Needs more RRF experience…

Professor Mercogliano, another great choice. Former MSC Second Mate, but also a premier Maritime Educator and Historian. Needs more direct MARAD experience.

Hayman? Another excellent choice. Just the track record of what Foss has accomplished is a real step up- first class operation- hires only the best…Given the current Political “Tide” this would clearly be one of the best choices.

This is where the “Anchor Hits The Bottom” in my humble opinion: Minimum Requirements:

a) Be a current holder of a U.S. Merchant Marine Officer Credential as Master or Chief Engineer
with more than ten years actual sea-going experience as a Master or Chief Engineer.

b) Have significant Upper Management or Executive Experience in a Commercial Maritime

c) Have significant experience in the operation of Ready Reserve Force vessels, or significant
experience in the Ship Management of Ready Reserve Force Vessels. At a minimum,
possessing experience in Ship Activations and Sea Trials.

d) Be fully conversant with detailed knowledge of the current Strategic Sealift shortfall and its
implication to our National Defense Strategy, presenting a salient plan to overcome the

e) Have a working knowledge of the Maritime Security Program and support its continued

f) Be fully conversant with a detailed knowledge of the 1920 Merchant Marine Act (Jones Act)
as it relates to Enforcement, Waivers, Shipbuilding and Ship Financing. Also, the 1936
Merchant Marine Act as amended.

g) Be fully conversant with detailed knowledge of the 1904 and 1954 Cargo Preference Acts and
their later amendments showing responsibility of the U.S. Government to ship its cargoes
aboard U.S. Flag Merchant Vessels.

h) Have a detailed working knowledge of upcoming maritime areas of concern as they relate to
Short Sea Shipping Initiatives and Outer Continental Shelf activities concentrating on building
a U.S. Flag vessel program to support Wind Powered Renewable Energy.

i) Be fully conversant of the National Security implications of having non-U.S. Flag vessels
trading in our intercoastal and inland waterways.

j) Have a detailed working knowledge of the United States Merchant Marine Academy and the
various State Maritime Academies with respect to future curriculum development and its
application toward emerging technologies.

k) Have a detailed plan with respect to emerging ship technology and its application toward the
revitalization of our merchant fleet.


That’s fine & dandy but waging war & national defense really doesn’t correlate one bit with picking a “green fuel”. Our current & future enemies don’t give a hoot about attacking America in a environmentalist way that makes political correct people & environmentalists happy for 2050. Just hold the Navy, MSC & their contractors accountable & make sure they are ready to do the job we are paying them to do in a time of national emergency.

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Some afterword and updates;

  1. I fully support any and all considerations regarding diversity and inclusion, as long as the proposed candidate is qualified to undertake the tasks at hand. Regarding equally well qualified candidates- diversity and inclusion should win out.

  2. This is NOT an attempt at preventing any one individual from attaining the appointment, but rather a cautious commentary regarding qualifications that are so vitally required.

  3. That said- Ms. Linares has had no control over the bidding and awards for the NMSV equipment during her tenure (to the best of my knowledge), and yes, the Main engines are made in the US.

  4. HOWEVER, Previous performance is a vital key indicator when considering such a step upward…
    Apparently, Ms. Linares was previously a Life Cycle Management Manager for MSC, responsible for the Sealift vessels. If this is in fact correct- then there should be a direct line of inquiry regarding the GAO Reports which stated that the maintenance and therefore readiness of these most important vessels were at best severely lacking. The condition of the vessels has been routinely described as bad. What (if any) role did the MSC Life Cycle Management Manager play in this outcome?

Not surprisingly, a few of the Sealift vessels are scheduled to be transferred to MARAD, who I am told will immediately dispatch them to the NDRF… After millions of dollars spent- they go to the back row. Granted, these vessels are old, but these conditions surely did not happen overnight.

We are at at or just beyond the tipping point with regard to the condition and readiness of the RRF, we need a strong leader who will go Full Speed Ahead into RRF Fleet replacements and shoring up those remaining RRF vessels which remain until suitable replacements are realized…


What exactly do you mean by using those political buzzwords?

Any new update? Wonder when any candidate will be seen as a frontrunner, or even any announcement on the shortlist?

Still awaiting updates…I find it troubling that the new Administration has been in effect for 7 months and there’s still no Administrator… Shows just how high a priority is assigned to our maritime industry and sealift…

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Yep, I starting to feel like this is one of the jobs being saved for a party loyalist, an old friend or family member of a higher up shot-caller. Hope I’m wrong.

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