Travel Ban from Europe to United States

This is gonna end well…

President Trump restricts ‘all travel’ from EU to US starting Friday

Trump said the administration would restrict “all travel” to the U.S. from Europe, which is reeling from the epidemic, for the next 30 days. The United Kingdom will be exempt from the new limits, which Trump said will go into effect on Friday at midnight.

“These restrictions will be adjusted subject to conditions on the ground,” the president said of the European Union travel curbs.

Also apply to “trade and cargo”

I expect it will be rearranged very shortly once enough clue-by-fours hit him that the horse has left the barn.

Obviously somebody read him the riot act, but he still had to get his little dig in.

And much as I dislike the man I really really hope his shortness of breath wasn’t because flagrant disregard of precautions has caught up to him.

And our 300 new cases and eight deaths today are keeping us right on the curve. It’s going to get real very soon.


About an hour after his address announcing a 30-day ban on travel from Europe to the U.S. to slow the spread of the coronavirus, President Trump took to Twitter to correct his statement that the sweeping new restrictions would apply not just to people but to trade.

"Hoping to get the payroll tax cut approved by both Republicans and Democrats, and please remember, very important for all countries & businesses to know that trade will in no way be affected by the 30-day restriction on travel from Europe,” Trump tweeted at 10:13 p.m. “The restriction stops people not goods.

– Washington Post

In this situation I think Trump is like a unpopular ship captain that everyone automatically disagrees because of all the unpopular things he did in the past. It doesn’t matter if he is right or wrong, the people who don’t like the old man are going to disagree & talk shit about him over every decision he makes or doesn’t make. When he placed the travel ban on China, Iran & South Korea his political opponents & leftists media called him a racist for doing so. As the coronavirus steadily grew & crossed the globe the same people bitched & complained he wasn’t doing enough & never brought up their earlier grievances. Now that he again makes a bold, decisive action the same people will go back to claiming he is overreacting. Nasty partisan politics as usual, even over something almost everyone agrees on. We humans are pathetic creatures.

For me, I think this is good practice. Epidemiologists have been saying for decades a superbug could possiblely wipe out humanity or a large chunk of it one day. They have a lot of science & history to prove their case. I seriously don’t think it will be the Coronavirus but after this crisis I hope the world will be better prepared the next time.


Ok…since you appear to be a fan, explain why he dismissed the Directorate for Global Health Security and Biodefense from his own National Security Council two years ago? When asked, he said he didn’t want unneeded employees kept around. These guys are literally the experts who were there to plan for this kind of thing, and he fired them. he also slashed CDC funding and they were the ones who came out with the first round of botched test kits. We should have used the kits available from the World Health Organization until our own were ready.

I have to be careful what I say here but I question his judgment. This pandemic was predicted. He’s been kicking the legs out from under the infrastructure we need right now to get a handle on this.


Not a big fan, I didn’t vote for him last time & likely won’t vote for him the next time either. But I do think he is doing better than Hillary would have done & definitely doing better than most of his political opponents could do. Many of his political opponents called for disbanding ICE & letting anyone into the US as long as they claimed to be a refugee from something, anything. Now that I think about it, perhaps we were spared a sooner outbreak due to Trump’s stronger immigration policies?

Concerning everything you point out. In your opinion, can you specifically say how Trump not spending money 2 years ago would have stopped the spread of the coronavirus when anti-Trumpers claimed he was overreacting just a few short weeks ago & again today with this travel ban?

Also, the NBA just canceled the rest of their whole season & Tom Hanks & his wife both have the coronavirus. So obviously Trumps not the only one scared & in a panic.

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Good grief man. Did the money he “saved” by firing the pandemic experts help make your or my life better in any way, shape or form whatsoever?

Wouldn’t it have been better to play a few less golf games? I can’t even comprehend how you can justify this decision of his as a benefit of some sort!

Again- this was predicted long ago- if you want to cut costs in government you cut what is useless. You don’t shoot yourself in the foot by up-ending readiness.

As to your comments about immigration: what makes you think the virus didn’t arrive with a US citizen? I don’t have an issue with temporary travel restrictions but let’s not turn this into a “dirty immigrant” thing.

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How about not being political on gCaptain and try to support mitigations driven by experts. If I wanted to read or hear this nonsense, I would be watching CNN or FNC – take your pick on the preferred slant.


Good grief lady. I know that you know about government experts & spending. I too have firsthand experience with those things & I know for a fact that in many cases it’s a farce. We have all been watching this crisis unfold across the globe. First China, South Korea, Iran & Italy & then everywhere else. Who in there right mind would think that the United States could have been spared only if Trump would have kept more people employed in Atlanta at the CDC? What else could have the CDC done with a couple hundred people? Nothing because by the time it made it to our shores for the CDC to handle it was already inevitable. If anything, we should have had more customs & immigration agents in airports checking stamps, taking temps & asking questions but the Democrats & ACLU would have filed 50 lawsuits in the 9th Circuit before the sun came up.

Tom & Hanks & his wife could have brought the coronavirus from Australia & infected God only knows how many people in the US. If Trump would have placed a travel ban on Australia with the Hanks over there, & perhaps saved a few lives, every Trump hater in the US would have screamed bloody murder. But he didn’t & now every Trump hater is screaming bloody murder because Trump hasn’t done enough. Except now he has placed a travel ban on the EU so now the Trump haters are screaming bloody murder because he has went too far. And of course, other Trump haters are screaming bloody murder because we needed more government experts on the payroll 2 years ago to save us. Ridiculous, everything is Trumps fault all the time no matter what he does or doesn’t do. Completely irrational.


Is there no corona virus in the UK.There’s nothing to stop a EU citizen from going to the UK and flying to the USA is there? If the EU had a few Trump hotels or golf courses maybe they would be exempt.
This is all just silly theater.


Yes, how terrible to attempt to stem the spread of the virus. Just let it flow! Wouldn’t want to offend anyone.


Do you have a link to anyone saying the travel ban is too much?

All I’m seeing is stuff like this from Trump’s former Homeland Security and Counterterrorism adviser Tomas Bossert:

There’s little value to European travel restrictions. Poor use of time & energy. Earlier, yes. Now, travel restrictions/screening are less useful. We have nearly as much disease here in the US as the countries in Europe. We MUST focus on layered community mitigation measures-Now!

Seems like Trump has two tools, travel bans and tax cuts. What about other measures?


Literally the Fox news talking points. All criticism is just partisan politics, no one is capable of seeing past their hatred of the president… Oh but Hillary and politics opponents would be worse—no evidence of that, so that’s a bizarre post script to a ‘hey, we gotta look at this without pre judgment’ rant…

It is possible and rational to look at the President and the Administration’s actions and say—this is a poor response to a health crisis. It is possible to have legitimate criticism even just looking at the actions and statements on their own terms. And if one uses the yardstick of how Trump ’evaluated’ response to the H1N1 and Ebola—he fails on his own measures drastically.

The problem is there is a complete lack of credibility. He lies all the time, and fires those in his employ who try to tell the truth. He’s incapable of setting an example, shaking hands with strangers after CDC says to practice social distancing!

You can sit there and pretend this is all partisan or you can look at it and say, well, the stock markets are just reacting to the Democrat debates like Trump did, but that’s not true. You could say you feel like the travel ban was effective—but if Hanks was in Europe or China he could come home anytime—the ‘ban’ doesn’t apply to US residents and citizens coming home. And they of course can’t spread virus, right?! Just like UK citizens? He said tests were available to everyone, they aren’t. He said treatment copays were waived, (so far) they aren’t. At a time when the markets are crashing and people have looked for leadership he was incapable of speaking accurately, from a teleprompter or generating a policy that didn’t immediately get walked backed. I believe in 48 hours the EU travel ‘ban’ will be further walked back, some face saving measure will be offered to Trump that will make it seem like it caused a change worth reconsidering (probably stuff the EU is already doing) that his fluffers will say is a bold example of how the President gets actions…

The virus is here, we need a widespread surveillance and testing regime to determine extent, prevent transmission and get ahead of treatment shortfalls. But taking such action has been delayed by a President who thinks the sun will handle it, has advisers saying it’s contained and to buy on the dip, folks!

It is possible to have completely valid disagreement and criticism. Dismissing all criticism as inherently partisan or prejudiced is the less rational position.

Maybe this is good though, I’ll agree with you on that—though not for the same reason. A conservative republican administration is about to spend a lot of tax dollars on public health because they know that the American economy relies on Americans being healthy enough to work, to shop, to go to stadiums and arenas. And if we spend tax dollars on emergent health issues for a healthy workforce, longtime preventative care will also ensure healthy workforce, and maybe we need more than a personal commitment to health, and to provide the resources to help people maintain and especially recover their health because a healthy populace will be more resilient and make the economy that much more resilient. and I’m pretty sure there’s a buck to made in doing so as well, so capitalism shouldn’t mind it.


This is already advertised in our media as a stealth route for Europeans wanting to travel to the US. On the other hand it is always good to restrict that insatiable travel urge to lessen the risks of new infections.

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POTUS can take a Sharpie and redraw the infection growth curve downward. Hey, it works with hurricanes… :relieved:


More travel restrictions for military, DoD and family. SIXTY DAY TRAVEL BAN.

Looks like if you’re overdue you’ll stay overdue until this is lifted.

How awful! Wouldn’t want to inconvenience anyone.


Imagine you have a big pond with a lily pad infestation (sounds familiar?). The lily pads are doubling every day & by some freak occurence they are killing the elderly people in your family at an alarming rate!?!!! But the good news is you are taking steps to isolate your elderly to attempt to save them & hopefully in a year they’ll be a vaccine from these bizarre killer lily pads. It looks like a lost cause but you still want to fight it & you have some younger family members helping you by using swimming pool pole nets to remove new lily pads as they come up. You are just trying to buy time, trying to save lives. You have hope & the fighting spirit!

Uh-oh! You look up & your neighbors from China, South Korea, Iran, Italy & from 20+ EU countries are dumping buckets of lily pads from their infected pond into your pond!!! Would you tell them to stop or just shrug your shoulders & tell your dying old people that they are fighting a lost cause anyways & don’t interrupt the neighbors from dumping the lily pads? I can show you some doubling lily pad math formulas but you know it already & I suspect your math skills are better than mine.

And speaking of the single tool hammer toolboxes. Dude?! You & the same anti-Trump bashers come on the gCaptain & hammer Trump on almost every single decision that he makes. Everything is Trumps fault on everything all the time. Gee whizz. I’m not even going to respond to @Jamesbrown on this thread today because I don’t have time & don’t ever recall discussing maritime issues with him or seen him discuss maritime issues with others. It’s just hammer Trump 24/7 for many people.

POTUS’s whole schtick is to antagonize the other side. Name calling. Denigration. Belittling. Cruel nicknames.

Then his supporters are shocked, absolutely SHOCKED, that the people he antagonizes and belittles despise and distrust him.

At some point JC and Gandhi in their ethereal planes have to scratch their heads and wonder if they should have been dentists, because no one read their memos apparently…

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