News about Covid-19 around the world

Starting with this news;

Norwegian health authorities are also advising against travel to the US for some obscure reason. Maybe they haven’t heard the good news from Trump that by some magic the virus will disappearing soon??

PS> Latest statistics for Norway:

Nobody wants us. The plague rats of the world.

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US Marines are withdrawing from Norway:

Could it be that they are afraid of the dangerous Covid-19 situation in Norway?
Better to get back to where it is under control.
(That is what we are told by the President every night, so it’ll have to be true)

Are you paying your share for NATO security? Or WHO advisement?

Me personally? No I’m not a member of either.
But if you mean Norway I’m sure we do.
We also let them have our obsolete politician as Secretary General.
(If you don’t know who, just Google Jens Stoltenberg and Gro Harlem Brundtland)

A Professor Doctor that was in the thick of it in Wuhan says "there is no magic bullet:

He warn against believing “Witch Doctors” who promote untested medicines and other remedies.

President Trump mentioned New Zealand today. Evidently we had a massive number of cases. We had 5 cases!
We have one cluster of one family and the five new cases are all in controlled isolation
Under our Westminster system, caucus ( ministers of the ruling party holding warrants) would have voted and replaced him as prime minister. Trump would be finding his way to a backbenchers seat with a substantial loss of salary and prestige.

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