Covid-19 Vaccine

Development of vaccine against Covid-19 is top priority around the world:

Ensuring that the result is shared is also important.

Sooner rather than later.

The vaccine will be a wonderful thing, The vast majority of people will get one. There will be the problem of the anti-vaxx crowd, however, adding more conspiracy theories to the pot.

Will maritime companies make the vaccine mandatory for workers? If they do, will they also make the flu vaccine mandatory, on the thinking that a person coming down with the flu may be indistinguishable from a person coming down with C19?

At any rate, a good problem to to have.

Totally agree. Anti anything, lay in the bed you prepared for yourself.

40% of Americans claim they won’t get vaccinated for Covid 19.

No child should be allowed to attend public school unless they have been vaccinated.

No one should be allowed on an airplane unless they have been vaccinated.

No USCG license Or document should be valid unless the Mariner also has a vaccination certificate.

Etc etc.


40% ? Really?

That’s about the percentage I see refusing to wear masks although they are mandatory where I live.

Cmon people, lets get a handle on this shit. Your parents and grandparents are depending on you to act responsibly. Don’t be selfish or political.

Very bad corona news. German research among cured Covid-19 patients from Munich shows that the number of antibodies in the blood of people who have been infected with the coronavirus is decreasing rapidly. The consequences can be serious. It would mean that we do not build lasting immunity and that the effect of vaccines can only be limited. The WHO already doubted it in April. The new study is from the University of LĂĽbeck.

A Chinese study showed a month earlier that hardly any antibodies were present in corona patients in mild cases or in cases without symptoms after a short time.


Yes, Lee Shore, the rates on the Outer Banks while still low, have tripled or more since opening up things to the tourists… I went to a CVS store the other day, with signs clearly saying no entry. A father entered before me wearing a mask. His son appx 12 years old did not. My guys on the island are very concerned, hopefully the recent governors statement sinks in.

When we opened to visitors, we had less than a dozen cases; now there are a dozen new cases per day. Nearly 400,000 tourists visited the Hatteras lighthouse park in June, the most in June since 2002. Those are the highest June totals since the park’s creation in 1953.
The locals in the service industry are saying that there’s an unprecedented level of entitlement and rudeness this year. In spite of all the warnings not to feed the wild ponies on the beach, we just lost a year old foal who choked to death. The weekly turnover of 200,000 tourists and non-stop traffic has got us thinking about relocating.

Hopefully the Georgia governor’s statement sinks him but unfortunately a lot of people will die before that happens.

Good to know, science is only standing in the way.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said during a Thursday press briefing that “science should not stand in the way of” schools fully reopening for the upcoming academic year, later blasting coverage of her comments as a “case study in media bias.”

Asked about President Donald Trump’s message to parents as some schools opt to go fully online in the coming weeks, McEnany said “the president has said unmistakably that he wants schools to open.”

The Coronavirus is having a field day in the US of A. When will common sense break through?


Rhetorical question, right?

" I would have told you that, though Osama bin Laden had been killed by SEAL Team Six in Pakistan and buried in the briny deep in 2011, Donald Trump was his living revenge, and that bin Laden had won twice—once thanks to those ludicrous, murderous forever wars across much of the Muslim world, and the second time thanks to the pandemic from hell and the president from the same place."


Two different governors Steamer between NC and Georgia. Georgia guy is way off target towards helping negate the virus… His Savannah compatriate is not fond of his announcements. NC guy is debating backing up a phase.

Really? Who’da thunk the same guy couldn’t be governor of two different states at the same time!

Yes Lee. pissed about the foal dying from a careless apple from a tourist. The rudeness of the tourists has always been there, but magnified quite a bit this year. Please, don’t let the idiots affect your living standard in this awesome town. A bit north right now, but don’t mind being a hermit with a full freezer, large yard, my bear dog and BBQ grills at a moments notice. Another month and a half of madness, you will have your beloved beach to yourself. September on has always been my favorite time there.

I wouldn’t have "Thunk " that Steamer. Are you really that miserable?

This Tom Engelhardt goes really deep in analyzing the episode since 9/11. He puts it in a for me new interesting,perspective.

nor did I see all the Muslims celebrating across the river in Jersey City

That reminds of what a friend of mine who lived in Amsterdam told me what he saw after the 9/11 drama took place. He passed a Döner Kebab restaurant with feasting Muslims. He could not believe it and thought that it was an incident. To check this he walked on to other such restaurants in the neighborhood but without exception they were feasting everywhere. For me it was a signal that we would never really live together with mutual trust but that everyone lives in his own parallel society.