Another Anti-shot Covid Rant

Im sure at least part of that is because they still insist on coercing people into taking those covid shots. You know, the ones that do not prevent anyone from getting or spreading covid. The ones that even the CDC now says that people with or without them should be treated the SAME. The shots that have been causing serious health issues- many, many more than all others put together.

I know i will never even consider taking any job with a company with such complete disregard for their employees as to make them take a covid shot as a condition of employment. I know quite a few other experienced mariners who feel the same way. Im sure these companies and unions would fill a lot more jobs if they would just look at the FACTS re those covid shots.


Bring the facts, not some conspiracy theory website, actual medical facts proven through scientific research and pier reviewed.

It’s your choice not to get vaccinated, but don’t come crying when you or a loved one dies because of your ignorance.


I love COVID VACCINATION MANDATES. The more fools that refuse to get the jab, the more job opportunities at higher pay that are available to me.

Let Covid mandates continue to weed out the over supply of mariners. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to us.

Even notice that most of the people that “don’t want to put the vaccine into my body”, are smoking, drinking, doing drugs, and eating junk food?


He can’t because the facts don’t agree with what he wants to believe.


No one i know who has not taken the covid shots has died, yet plenty who have taken them have. The news is reporting a pandemic of vaxxed deaths,not unvaxxed- the exact opposite of what they told us would happen


Plenty of facts support my statement. Theres not one single scientific study anywhere evervthat proves masks help for viruses

The issue is one of consent, coercion, manipulation, lies. Even the CDC now admits that people with and without covid shots should be treated the same. Vax manufacterers admit they never tested for transmission, etc
Why, exactly do you think anyone should be forced to chose between their health and a job?


That would be groundbreaking information if it were true. Where’s your source?


Just look at any scientific study on masks and viruses!

“The preponderance of evidence indicates that mask wearing reduces transmissibility per contact by reducing transmission of infected respiratory particles in both laboratory and clinical contexts.”


“Compelling data now demonstrate that community mask wearing is an effective nonpharmacologic intervention to reduce the spread of this infection, especially as source control to prevent spread from infected persons, but also as protection to reduce wearers’ exposure to infection.”

“wearing mask in public is essential as its effectiveness has already been well established by the current studies. For exhalation isolation, both surgical and N95 masks are shown to be effective in reducing the spread of respiratory diseases, but the former is more accessible and comfortable to wear compared to the latter. For inhalation protection, air filtering respirators such as N95 masks can filtrate contaminants, bacteria and other matters from reaching nose and mouth, and are more efficient in virus penetration inhibition than surgical masks.”


I just provided three and there’s many, many, many more.


With all political rationales aside, I’m neutral on the mask debate…but here is some food for thought.

Couple years ago I was reading the the kingsbridge series by Ken Follet. Not sure if it was Pillars Of Earth or one of the sequels, but anyway, there was a part of the book where the bubonic plague first hit. One of the nuns at a convent that was administering aid while people were dropping like flies in the town started cutting strips of linen to be used as masks and had the rest of the nuns do so as well. They also regularly disinfected their hands by washing in vinegar. They were ridiculed by the monks who of course at that time were supposed to be the final word on medical care and such.

I would assume since this author does a lot of historical fiction that there may be some facts behind this scenario he created in the novel, and of course it was written well before COVID. I haven’t looked into it myself. As much of a bitch it was wearing a mask when it was required, I do feel there are some benefits to it. Especially for those folks that talk loud…cutting your spread from 10 ft to 2 ft is a lot.

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Nit Wit

If cloth and paper masks, even the hallowed N95, were capable of filtering virus from air why dont the techs in labs wear them?

They dont because anyone with a lick of sense regarding filtration and particulate size would know the only way to isolate or protect oneself from airborne virus is to use full body positive air pressure suits.

When doctors and FedGov agencies turn science into politics it destroys credibility of the entire establishment and the folks marching in Goose step, tossing around “official” reports is pathetic anda sad state of affairs .

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They don’t need to since COVID is spread primarily on the water droplets you spit out when you talk. All they have to do is stop your airborne spit.


They didn’t, the Republicans did.


What does it take for people to see that both sides play the same game and are in it for themselves? Perception as to which is the lesser of two evils is just a matter of personal bias.


If a group of people inject experimental medication into their bodies and later find out it doesn’t work and has a far higher chance of side effects than they were told, it’s going to be a sore subject. Continually bringing it up stresses them out. Stress is bad for heart conditions.

The decent thing to do is to stop getting their heart rates up.


Hahaha, ok, for arguments sake we will pretend you are correct. If your mask protects you so well then why do the mask ninnies turn apoplectic when others don’t wear one? You maskers are “protected” so leave everyone else alone.