Another Anti-shot Covid Rant

I will leave the inane argument that there is any difference between the R’s and D’s to you.

As for the jab, I would never take a Trump vax developed by the R’s! /sarc


Because masks work primarily by preventing infected people from spreading it via their spit droplets.


Then you should be pleased now that the vaxxers are the primary carriers and spreaders of the WooFlu and they also happen to be the majority of mask ninnies. We have equilibrium…


If you wear a cloth mask, it’s about 20% effective at preventing spread of disease. If everyone wears a mask in an indoor setting, it’s about 70% effective.

If you wear a tight fitting N95, it’s about 70% effective. If everyone wears an N95 mask it’s about 95% effective.

Just look at how wearing masks reduced the amount of ordinary flu to almost nothing.

There is a reason why sick people in Japan have been wearing masks for decades.

Covid vaccination, two shots, plus the last booster within 6 months is about 50% effective at preventing covid and it’s spread. 50% effective is pretty good. It’s about 90% effective at parenting severe disease.

I’ve had 5 shots so far. I wear a mask when flying or on a train, bus, taxi or Uber. I wear them in crowded public places. I have been traveling all over for business and pleasure during covid. I have not gotten covid, while about 75% of the US population has. So my combination of vaccination and mask wearing has worked very well for me and most of my family.

With so many people without up to date vaccinations running around without masks, it’s very predictable that most people will get covid again this winter. What we don’t know is how severe the illnesses will be.


So well said.

Religion has a big thing in common with politics too. Lots of blind faith is required for either.


Just my 2 cents: If you don’t like the channel, change it. If you want to carry a firearm, you cannot go in a post office. If you cannot swim, don’t go into the deep end. Life has many choices. You choose. I doubt many people care enough to coerce you into one direction or the other (at least the pragmatic types), but each choice will always have a consequence. That’s just how it works, but you have the freedom to make that determination. The last time I checked, I didn’t see people getting squeezed in a cattle chute for vaccinations. You know, free country and 'all. Same thing goes for a company. They can make policies. If your choice and those policies don’t align, then you agree to disagree and carry on. Anything outside of this practicality is just noise.


That’s a good point.

Tattooing a barcode on workers would make security protocols much easier to enforce. You can get a lot more data on a chip embedded under the skin though, and that’s harder to fake. You could track productivity, rest hours, SAR in emergencies, very useful.

If you have a problem with that, it’s your choice.


Yes, comparing vaccines, which have a long history of being required for work (especially in our industry), with barcodes and microchips.

Fearmonger much?

Don’t let it get your heart rate up.


All the vaccinations previously required in the industry, like polio, measles, etc. had proven efficacy. Trying to equate a rushed method to vaccinate against a form of virus that has never been successfully vaccinated against despite many attempts using a strategy previously abandoned due to safety concerns barely merits the term strawman. You can safely just call it horseshit.

@Capt_Phoenix you never answered how many times you have had COVID.


As does the COVID vaccine.

That’s absurd, and you know it. You might want to stop digging this hole.

Claiming that it somehow reduces severity in a disease that is mild in the majority of the population while having zero effect on transmission would never have been considered efficacy in the past and shouldn’t be now.


With a vaccination rate of over 75% the fact that only 58% of those dying of COVID were vaccinated still shows that you’re more likely to die if you weren’t vaccinated.

Also, immunity to some diseases decreases over time and COVID-19 is one of those diseases. (Natural immunity wanes as fast as vaccine immunity.) Only about 12% of the US population has the recent booster but the stats from the WP article are only talking about those that had the original series and don’t further break it down by booster status.

It’s been proven to significantly decrease the chances of catching the virus in the first place.

It’s also been shown to decrease the viral load if you have a breakthrough infection which decreases the contagiousness of the infected person.

It’s also been proven to decrease the odds of being hospitalized and killed by the virus if you get infected.

Your safety data is only from the primary series. You have zero safety data from an N+1 series of hastily updated shots with rapidly waning ‘efficacy’.

More people at severe risk for respiratory disease are vaccinated. You should review statistics before making further claims. Those numbers don’t show what you think they do.

ETA: Happy Thanksgiving

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I am very thankful that there are still a few men in America that don’t shutter in fear of catching a virus with a 99.5% survival rate. I had the WooFlu and I wasn’t impressed. Nothing to fear unless your are frail, sickly and weak. Then you should stay home and wear a mask indoors.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Every time you get covid it shrinks and ages your brain by about 10 years.

Many of you covid deniers cannot afford to lose anymore brain cells.

There are a lot of smart people that ought to know better that are antivaxxers.

But let’s face it, most of the covid deniers and antivaxxers are ignorant dimwits.

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Maybe one day, but until then speculation is hardly a pervasive point. Now I’m at 3 cents.

Principles are principles. Relegating bodily autonomy to ‘Well, companies have policies’ is foregoing them on flimsy data.

There might be an emergency in which a global medical experiment is a rational choice. Rights are always violated in emergencies. @Kennebec_Captain has posted some good stuff on decision making at margins.

Pretending that this was an emergency that required compulsion to take part in a medical experiment is silly, and I think everyone knows it by now, even if they’re not ready to admit it.

I’d rather focus on how we make those decisions for the next emergency instead.