Pfizer vaccine not tested for transmission before rollout

Curious to see how people justify themselves this time.


I was never under the impression that the vaccines were meant to stop transmission. Thats why I was never in favor of forced vaccination to be able to work or travel. It was always my understanding the vaccines would just introduce the body to the virus in a controlled manner to stop people from kicking the bucket once they were eventually exposed. Only the ill informed believed the vaccines would stop covid from being infectious. So many famous vaccinated people were catching covid (but not dying thank goodness) only the closed minded thought vaccines stopped transmission & infection.


What’s to justify? The original clinical trial didn’t evaluate that, as mentioned IN THE PAPER published in December 2020.

BTW, we have since learned that vaccinated people are less likely to get infected, asymptomatic or otherwise, and those that get infected have a lower viral load which means they are less contagious.


I would be interested in having a discussion about this without a bunch of poorly informed shrieking.

Your BTW is inaccurate and if you were actually following studies you would know this. Can we agree to disagree so people interested can discuss these developments without the thread being shut down?

The doctor in the video advocated for everyone to take the vaccine since before they were even available. I don’t know what your objection is. He’s not from Florida, if his accent isn’t enough of a clue.


I AM following the studies which is how I know that that statement is accurate.


Ok, please link the studies that show efficacy in the manner you suggested. I would be interested in reading them.

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That politician seems smart but please read comment 48 (&#59) from the thread below. From the get go & over a year ago in the that tread I was preaching the vaccines weren’t meant to stop the spread or make vaccinated people immune to covid19. It was always my understanding covid19 vaccines were designed to introduce people to it gently to prevent death. How in the hell can a simpleton like myself figure it out but the politican with fancy accent on YouTube is just now hearing about it?

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The responses to that thread are interesting and unfortunately nobody took my bet, as I’m sure charities could use the money.

I can’t find any companies requiring the newest bivalent booster. Somebody claimed they were going to later in the year but they also said they employed unvaccinated mariners.

I get that people don’t want to talk about this, and I get why. But I think it’s important and we should.


My comment #52 is interesting too. It’s another reply to one of your antagonists. I was debating both of them saying the vaccines only helped those who took them. Back then I was saying the only people who were dying were the anti-vaxxers but they were disagreeing with me saying everyone needed to be vaccinated to keep them safe which made no sense to me? They were fine with people taking all other kinds of risks to themselves but not concerning covid19 vaccine? Crazy.

“In conclusion, this study provides significant evidence for higher infectiousness of SARS-CoV-2 Delta as well as a significant effect of full vaccination on infectious VL and its speed of clearance.”

“One dose of BNT162b2 vaccine reduced risk of SARS-CoV-2 infection for at least 90 days in CA aged 12-17 years.”


‘However, the effect of vaccination on infectious viral shedding and transmission from vaccinated individuals remains controversial. All currently approved vaccines are administered intramuscularly; thus, the titer of neutralizing antibodies on the mucosal surfaces lining the URT might be limited, and any sterilizing mucosal immunity might be transient’

So…we agree? Cool. I’ll get you an antivaxxer hat.

If you’re still trying to claim COVID vaccines prevent transmission you’re beyond talking to. Can you leave the thread to people who want to discuss new developments?

It sucks being wrong. I know, I’ve been wrong once or twice myself. Denial doesn’t help.

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Yes, you do from first hand experience in this discussion.

Can you maybe start your own thread about how COVID vaccines actually DO prevent transmission and the vaccination mandates were totally justified and the people fired deserved it and so on?

Right now you’re just lowering the level of discussion because you can’t handle being wrong, and I don’t feel that’s productive.

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I provided sources backing up my claims. If you can’t handle being wrong then why open a discussion when you know you’re going to get owned?

Your sources don’t do that, which you would know if you read them instead of frantically googling them to justify yourself.

How many times have you had COVID?

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Yes they do and you finding one quote saying the discussion is “controversial” doesn’t disprove that.

How many times have you had COVID?

Then please go to a virology site and leave this place alone.

If you don’t trust vaccines, then don’t get vaccinated. Why you feel it is necessary to work so hard to convince other people to follow your approach is a symptom of some kind of mental or emotional disturbance. You have become some kind of bible thumping missionary who believes he must save others.