To an outsider from NZ it was immediately obvious that the culture of Vermont was very different than that in Los Angeles. Even the Supermarkets stocked completely different items than Los Angeles.
Items that this ancient could recognise as food and decent wine.


Colin Woodward wrote a pretty good book about the Cultural geography of America.

He also wrote a newspaper article about the geography of corona virus.

Basically, there are different types of people with very different values and cultures based upon 200 year old patterns in different parts of the US.

If you look at the rates of corona virus vaccination by state, it pretty well matches up with which states are good and which aren’t.

Get the two shots people.


And a majority of the unvaccinated are black or Latino. So these states aren’t good because they hold these races? You must be following those old 200 year old tendencies….

That’s a lame scale to judge places by. I only care about my family’s & my shot records. I’m not trying to be some “Capt-Save-A-Dummy” for the unvaccinated. I’m more concerned if I’m going to die or not. Percentage of people who die the most should be more important when deciding which places sucks the most.

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It’s not so much which state is worse than the other, It’s the lack of responsible people who live in them. This shit is real, do the right thing folks. I’d get the third shot if they let me. Most of the people affected lately are unvaccinated. No need to debate, get the fucking shot, or show your stupid self and get sick or die. Yes , you have a choice, make a smart one for your family and friends.


Vaccine or stay home uless you wear a mask. Care about your fellow citizens. This Covid D is as contagio small pox


Not true. Don’t start any ridiculous racial crap.

The majority of the unvaccinated are white.

Half of the US population is unvaccinated or only partially vaccinated.

Blacks are only 15% of the population. I seem to recall seeing a statistic that about 40% of blacks are vaccinated.

Latinos are something like 21% of the population. As I recall they are vaccinated at a bit higher rate than Blacks.

Asians are vaccinated at a significantly higher rate than whites.

The Northeastern states are vaccinated at a high rate. Something like 70% to 87% and people wear masks, socially distance, use hand sanitizer etc. The big difference is a sense of social responsibility. They see it as their patriotic duty to help defeat Covid and protect the Community.

For people in the Southern States with low vaccination rates, it’s all about them. They’ll do what they want and to hell with everybody else. There is not as strong a sense of social responsibility.

It’s not just the South either, there is too much of a lack of social responsibility in Idaho and Alaska and plenty of other places too.

The custom of having , or not having, social responsibility says a lot about the quality of life in a State or community that goes far beyond the percentage of people getting vaccinated for Covid.

Get vaccinated. It’s good for you. It’s good for your family. It’s good for your friends. It’s good for your coworkers. Its good for business. It’s good for the economy. It’s good for your community. It’s your duty to help defeat Covid and protect your fellow citizens.

This is no time for misplaced political ideology. Remember, Donald Trump and his family are all vaccinated. You can be sure they are all getting booster shots too. You can be a Trump follower and get vaccinated. There is nothing inconsistent about that.

Don’t be mislead by demagogues and political opportunists, like DeSantis and Abbott. They are misleading their states right into the toilet. Be smarter than that. Get vaccinated.


Another one who still has a sick obsesssion with Donald Trump.

For the record, I’m vaccinated so no need to tell me.

Had Trump responded quickly and not downplayed the effectiveness of this horrible virus, he would be in his second term. That he got the shit himself was a wakeup call. Too late Donald. I voted for him because of certain policies that were beneficial to me. Not because I liked him, I was disgusted by the Dems and Pelosi/Schumer pettiness. Hell of a way to vote. Which is the less shittiest?


I see you are on your toes Kennebec.

You won’t find this in a supermarket in LA


After moving from LA to Florida I asked a lady in a grocery store where I could find some trail mix. She directed me to the pet food department.


The government shouldn’t mandate lifeboats on MY ship. That’s a personal responsibility. Yeah, there might be a chance that I might work on another ship, one without lifeboats. But I’ll take that chance rather than have socialism mandate expensive and unnecessary lifeboats for everyone. All that lifeboat training is just for sheep…

Another thing: PFDs are just virtual-signaling. They just reduce the human body’s natural ability to tread water for long periods of time.


If you just eat healthy, exercise, and get some sun you should be able to survive long periods of time in the water without a PFD. Its just the new America getting obese that is causing this to be a big problem.

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That’s right. Mandating PFDs is just a plot to feminize American sailors.


For all you disgusting fucking cowards that want to force vaccinations in violation of the Nuremberg Code, here’s a proposal.

Sure. Fine. Go ahead. Only you have to give me the shot yourself. No hiding behind the police or the military. Come on by and do it yourself.

I suspect we’d hear less about putting people out of work for not participating in a medical experiment.


Sheesh, I thought we were talking about lifeboats and PFDs.

Employers requiring vaccinations for employees, with exceptions for religious/medical reasons…that’s fricken nuts.


So who’s behind this experiment? Who advocates that everyone get the vaccine but has not got one themselves? Who is this almighty power that is somehow convincing the world to get this “experimental vaccine” as you would label it, so that they benefit?

I don’t give a shit if you get the vaccine or not. If you don’t want it, don’t get it. But don’t bitch about other people’s decision to get it, or business’ decision to not employ those who do not get the vaccine. Nothing about getting a vaccine is new. If youve been sailing, traveling the world, or gone to school throughout your life you’ve been required to get vaccines.


If it wasn’t new it wouldn’t be under an Emergency Use Authorization.

Who’s talking about ‘they’? I’m talking about you. You want to force me before it’s fully approved by the FDA, come jab me. I’ll even roll my sleeve up for you.

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