You can buy Bag Balm everywhere, including Walgreens in New England. Its hard to find in Seattle, Walgreens in Seattle claimed they weren’t allowed to sell Bag Balm because its only for animals.

Most people in LA have never had real Maple syrup on their pancakes. They think that plastic corn syrup and sugar stuff is “Maple syrup.”

California has done a lot of the right things to contain Covid. They just did them too late. They now have a fairly good vaccination rate, but it’s not high enough to defeat Covid.

Canada has a 70% vaccination rate. They had a serious lockdown, including travel restrictions between provinces. Canada does not have much politicization of Covid, but they do have some.

They estimate the “vaccine hesitant “ population is about 20%. Like the US, there is a big difference between Canadian Provinces. Quebec announced a vaccine passport for bars, restaurants, sporting events, concerts and festivals, similar to NYC. People in Halifax and Toronto are protesting in the street against vaccine passports. Alberta has a lower vaccination rate and is ending all Covid restrictions.

Canada has announced a national vaccine passport for all air travel, including domestic. We need that in the US to contain the super spreaders and encourage vaccination.

The culture in most of Canada is more like Vermont. People trust medical advice which is provided by national healthcare and they are socially responsible. Canadians don’t like politicians and high taxes anymore than we do, but they are smart enough to get vaccinated and most support government efforts to defeat Covid.

Biden is doing too little too late. He is making a huge mistake by not having a national vaccine passport.

Biden also made a big mistake throwing the Southern Border wide open. He needs to immediately reinstitute Trump’s border controls, and finish The Wall.

Given the way Biden likes to throw money at people who prefer not to work, the US should pay people $100 tax free cash on the spot to get vaccinated, and give a $1000 tax credit to the fully vaccinated.

In short, our government needs to get serious and do whatever it takes to get 90% of Americans vaccinated and defeat Covid ASAP.

So what? You’re saying you know more than the medical professionals who are saying get it? That’s like a doctor googling “how to be a commercial fisherman” for a few hours and claiming they know more about it than you do and that there are all these secrets to catching salmon you’ve never known about your entire career.

Lmao where did I say I’m forcing you to get it? My last paragraph literally says, don’t get it, I don’t give a shit. All I said was if it’s available and you’re not taking it, don’t bitch about a company/individual who’s making a decision not to employ/be around those that are unvaccinated.

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So no takers, not even one? All of the ‘papers please’ badasses on this forum you’d think there would at least be one.

The FDA approval process will most certainly be streamlined just as the trials were run concurrently instead of sequentially and you won’t have long to wait. But you cringing cowards can’t wait for that, you want to force injections ahead of it. Anything to quell the abject terror that fills your weak little hearts.

Sure, you’re not trying to force me. Just make it so I can’t work, can’t travel, can’t take the family out. No coercion there.

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Exactly !

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You keep quoting the. Nuremberg Convention like I don’t know what it is. Again, no ones forcing you to get it. You’re acting like this isn’t a two way street. You don’t want to get a vaccine? Sweet, stay the fuck away from me and mine because I also have friends/family who are immune compromised. Private companies/individuals are free to make their own decisions BOTH WAYS. You don’t want to get vaccinated? Fine, go work for a company that doesn’t require it, dine at restaurants that don’t require it, shop at stores that don’t require it. There are plenty. The world is not closed for you.

The coward here is you, you’re acting like you’re some sort of macho man who’s so brave for not getting the vaccine. Congrats tough guy, you sound so strong behind those keys typing those mean words. You’re so brave to not listen to medical professionals! The google machine has served you well! I’m sure the next president will give you the medal of freedom for your bravery in the face of such “abject terror” from those with “weak little hearts”

Traveling foreign has always required vaccination. Sending kids to school has always required vaccinations. Certain jobs (especially in the maritime industry) have always required vaccinations. Again, this is nothing new.


A hundred people a year die from shoveling the snow off their sidewalk. But the law says that, for the common good, everyone still has to do it. Nobody checks if you did it. But if someone slips on your sidewalk you can be sued. Settled law.

So, to make everyone happy, let’s change the existing law and do the same with vaccines. You don’t have to get vaccinated if you’re afraid of getting hurt. But if you get C19, and give it to someone else, you can be sued.

What’s the difference?

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Again, if it wasn’t new, it literally wouldn’t be under an Emergency Use Authorization which is specifically for new, untested drugs to allow people that wish to take them access.

But conflating it with previous vaccines that have passed the approval process is just a tactic you’re using to justify your fear response. You’re scared, and you’d throw anyone’s rights under the bus to alleviate that fear.

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What am I afraid of? I have the vaccine. I said if you don’t want it, don’t get it. You’re dodging points that I’ve made and repeating the same old story. I’m not asking for yours or anyone else’s rights to be taken away or infringed on.

Sounds good to me, ya big super spreader.

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If snow wasn’t a thing, and had never been seen before, and just started falling out of the skies, half the population would say we all need to shovel our sidewalks. For the common good. The other half would say, No, it’s a personal choice. After all, people will die from shoveling snow. Maybe not today, but ten years from now. How about pregnant snow shovelers?..

Anti-shovelers would accuse their neighbors of virtual signaling for shoveling their sidewalks. Pro-shovelers would buy not just one, but two show shovels…

Most anti-shovelers slipping on snow would say, “It’s just a bruise.” Few would go to the hospital seriously injured, but some of these would be crippled. Some would die. We’d hear a few croak, “I just wanna say, tell everyone to shovel their sidewalks," before they passed away.


Glad you brought it up. Here’s a neat animation that shows what happened in the Provincetown case.

To sum up [from the article]:
In the highly immunized group, the vaccine protects most of the vaccinated against becoming infected with the Delta variant. But some breakthrough infections would be expected, most of them mild or asymptomatic.

Most of the unvaccinated would also become infected with the virus, with the exception of some — but not all — who previously had Covid-19.

But infections among the vaccinated would outnumber those among the unvaccinated simply because there were many more vaccinated people to start with. In the recent Provincetown, Mass., outbreak, most of those infected were vaccinated — because the group had a high overall immunization rate.

In the group in which few are vaccinated but all are exposed to the virus, most of the unvaccinated would become infected, and most of the vaccinated would not.

But in this scenario, outcomes are far worse. More people overall have the virus, and more of them are visibly ill…
[End of article]

All of this was just born out to me in real life. We just had an employee come down with C19 (third total for the company since the pandemic began). Like the others, he was on his time off. He was vaccinated. He got C19 by being in a car with someone who he thought was vaccinated, but who was not.

Our employee had a fever, etc. but got over these symptoms in a couple of day. Still feels a little rundown, but on the mend. The person who was unvaccinated came down within symptoms at the same time. He went to an ICU and is still there.

Lesson: if everyone had the vaccine aboard, all of us could literally breathe easier.

So you can still get the virus, you’ll just have less symptoms and therefore be more likely to spread it further.

Good to know, since we’re suing people for spreading covid. Better Call Saul!

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Yes. You should do your patriotic duty and get vaccinated. Be brave, it’s just a safe little jab.

You either get the vaccination so that you are not a threat to other people and society, or if you persist in refusing to be vaccinated, you should be quarantined at home to protect other people from you spreading Covid and producing new variants, You should plan to be busy homeschooling your kids because they should not be allowed to go to school until they, and you, are vaccinated.

This is how it’s always been. Many years ago, almost everyone (except the Amish) lined in the hall at school and got their polio and small pox shots. If you refused, you simply couldn’t go to school anymore.

It’s the same thing today, go get the Covid shot, or expect to be excluded by civil society.

Does the owner of your boat know that you are an antivaxxer putting him at risk of massive unnecessary expenses?


I posted this on a social media site five weeks ago, just as the latest spikes were starting.

Many years ago, when I was younger, I rode a motorcycle. And I was not always cautious in my riding. I wore a proper helmet, not only because it was required by law, but it was a somewhat safer approach.

I posted a long time ago about motorcycle riders who choose to not wear a helmet. Their body, their freedom, their choice. But they should not become a load on the local ER or trauma center, and should be allowed to enjoy the consequences of their freedom in the ditch alongside the road.

So, the same applies to all those who decide that their freedom means they choose to not get vaccinated for CoVid. Their body, their freedom, their choice. Just let them stay at home to enjoy the consequences of their freedom, and not be a load on hospitals, nurses, doctors, and health care budgets.

Harsh? Yes, but free choice means you get to enjoy the results of your free choices. Society shouldn’t have to pay for your anti-social, f++k everyone else choices.


Not gonna go over well Beer Cap. I eat my veggies, but doesn’t make me float that well.

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At the beginning of the pandemic there were people who were saying we should not take precautions. Let Nature take its course. Herd immunity, blah, blah, blah. And if that means six million Americans die, and millions of others suffer from permanent disability, tough titty. At least the economy will be ok…

Now, some of these same people are saying they won’t take the vaccine because three Americans out of 190 million died from it.

This is why we can’t have nice things in this country… :grinning:

Of course. Not everyone is a sniveling little coward who will force their employees to take a medication before it’s approved by the FDA.

Do you know what happened with the first polio vaccine? The first smallpox vaccine? Go read before you comment. Terrible examples to use.

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What’s the argument against the vaccine once that’s over with in the next month?

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There is none, at least for employer and public health/school mandates. Given how quickly that will probably occur the eagerness of some to try and force others (though not themselves, of course) is telling.

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It’s not like the recipe of the vaccine is going to change. So if on Friday you’re screaming “it’s not approved,” and on Monday it’s approved, and then you go get on Tuesday, why didn’t you just get it last Thursday?

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