Who said I would get it when it’s approved? When it’s approved I’ll support your right to mandate it as it will no longer be a medical experiment at that time.

So if your employer mandates it the day it’s approved, you’ll be first in line?

There was this bastard of an AB that got the clap even after having been warned of its prevalence in the Friendly Islands (Tonga) . As second mate he came to me for treatment. I didn’t tell him it was my first real time. To my dismay he turned around after the injection and complemented me and said he didn’t feel a thing. The last few years it has only been cattle that have received my tender administrations ,but yes I would be glad to oblige.

No, I’ll give them notice and time to find a new captain as is only polite.

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But the flu shot, MMR, chicken pox, anthrax, and smallpox shots are all good?

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Anthrax? Look up what happened with the anthrax vaccine. We haven’t inoculated against smallpox for years.

Many of those vaccines provide sterilizing immunity. You scrolled right past information from the CDC informing you that you can still get and spread the virus on your way to moralize against me from a point of ignorance.

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Well I got both anthrax and smallpox 10 years ago, as a requirement of employment. So did my wife. And neither of us have grown a 4th nipple and my 3 year old is perfect.

I went and got the polio and small pox shots just like every other school kid. Millions of us. Not a problem.

Vaccine science was in its infancy 50 years ago. It’s quite advanced today.

Almost 3 Billion people have gotten Covid vaccine (including a lot of Chinese and Russian). There have only been a trivial number of adverse reactions. You are more likely to be struck by lightening or win the lottery.

All of these antivaxxer objections are utter bullshit.


There’s nothing dangerous about the various covid-19 vaccines, and if you’re in a risk group you should get one.

What’s dangerous is widely distributing a leaky vaccine during a developing pandemic. Getting the vaccine would be beneficial to me. It shouldn’t be available to me because my health risk doesn’t outweigh the societal risk of vaccine induced variants.

Stop assuming everyone opposing the dominant narrative is doing it for the same reasons.

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“Vaccine induced variants”?

Again, ignorant, irrelevant, utter bullshit.

I can’t wait for the fully vaccinated in order to fly requirement so I don’t have to sit next to you on the Aleutian Air fight to Dutch Harbor.

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I was around when polio was a thing. They closed the schools until they ramped up the vaccine and we all had a little cup of the Salk vaccine. Look at the results.

It seems like the medical field was your real calling. You obviously know more than the average doctor.

Actually, doctors were discussing the risks of leaky vaccines being distributed while a disease was widespread long before the pandemic. It’s a similar concern to antibiotic resistance.

There are plenty of doctors who take issue with the way this vaccine rollout is being conducted without referring to ‘microchips’ or ‘5g magnets’. Perhaps you should read some of their work.

Do you know what ADE is? Original antigenic sin? Pathogen priming? Perhaps you should read some of what the doctors you worship have written on the subject instead of just doing what the TV told you.


I don’t worship anyone and I don’t watch TV.

“ Stop assuming everyone opposing the dominant narrative is doing it for the same reasons”

What baffles me the most is the people having major side effects are the ones being silenced. Wouldn’t doctors and pharma companies want to know these things? To help make the vaccine better/safer?


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Most of the people being vaccinated do not get sick. The very few that do aquire this shit(After vaccination) rarely being required hospitalization. Wake up people. I still wear a mask, if not only to protect myself against the assholes that don’t care about themselves ,family or others. Yes you have rights, rights to die as well. Go for it to “Protect your freedom of choice” Your kids that got vaccinated will be more than happy to spend your hard earned cash when you leave this world.This shit is really bad stuff.

How exactly are people bring silenced? When I got my vaccine, I was given an email address of a medical department to contact if I had anything other than a typical reaction. I was urged to do so, in order to track reactions to the virus. That’s the opposite of silencing someone.

If you’re talking about social media banning misinformation and disinformation, that’s their right as private companies. But I note that there is an alternative to YouTube now where anti-Vaxxers can fire away. And a myriad of other private websites. The internet is awash in the stuff.

So how are people being silenced?


I don’t think people who want to share their symptoms or experiences with vaccine side effects should be ridiculed or censored, especially on social
Media platforms, if companies and governments can advertise on them, why can’t everyone else? As soon as a negative side effect is brought up, that person is automatically censored and even banned only because the CDC doesn’t agree with that, even though the CDC still can’t even get a grip with what’s going on with all this. That’s just my opinion.

I am not against the vaccine, as I have had it, and I feel it has probably saved a lot of lives. The risk associated is far less than Covid it’s self. So let me just put that out there.

What bothers me is how political it’s gotten. If you go back and watch videos(which are floating around) of Biden, Kamala, Coumo, and various other politicians, they all told
The public to be very skeptical about taking the vaccine. Why? Because trumps “fingerprints” were on it. Fast forward months later and these same people are trying to implement vaccine passports and pushing so hard for something that they told the public to be skeptical about and ask questions first. People are fucking confused it’s unbelievable, and rightfully so.

I don’t give a fuck what anyone says, the government dropped the ball on all of this, Trump, Biden, Fauci, all of them yet we have people telling us on this forum that people in the south are “stupid” and everyone in the NE US is elite. Get the fuck out of here with that shit. The government caused this mess. All of it.


I don’t think people on this forum were calling people from the south stupid. They were referring to people rejecting the vaccine were stupid, no matter where they are from or what poitical party they support.