Knocking on Doors in Louisiana, Part II

Tugsailor, Surely, you can get cheaper rates at a hotel, if you are looking for cheap. But, there are no 5 star hotels down here. Some people get tired of hotels and enjoy the relaxation right on Bayou Lafourche, so this is only another option. And, because of COVID, I am only offering the private room on the outside which many people choose and enjoy . I guess you would be surprised how many people will pay my full rate of $170/night just to feel safe and not be in a hotel because of COVID. To each their own. Stay safe.


You might be surprised at how wrong you are.
As a for example, the Fairfield by Marriott in Cut Off, arguably one of the nicest hotels in the area, is booked up.

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Looking online that fairfield is booked up for months. Isn’t even a room available at the one in Houma till February

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Yes, the Fairfield and Holiday Inn are both fully booked by companies since COVID started in March. The Hampton Inn in Thibodaux closed for 6 months because of COVID.

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Over the years , I have stayed in some real shitholes, and some nice places while upgrading. Wish I had access to A-Chateau-on-the-Bay type lodging then… Although happily retired, don’t need that anymore. They are in tune with the mariners and perhaps a few leads. Never had to stay in that area, but if I did, would for sure take a look at them.


Also all 3 Hilton properties within 30 miles of Houma are booked through end of March… Offshore company quarantining there. Claudette options seems solid to me!

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maybe if youre taking a class there, but who is visiting GoM companies down there out of the blue these days? I doubt any of them are actually seeing walkins. ECO is taking online applications and interviews online according to their website. You dont actually go down there until after youre hired.

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It would be interesting to hear from anyone recently hired what their experience has been.

I gotta think that even with online interviewing, the guy who is johnny-on-the-spot with seabags packed ready to go has a good chance of being hired and put to work.


They used to have a sign that said no walk ins when there was no such thing as covid. I can’t imagine your chances would be that much better than they would be following the online process you’re supposed to follow.

I’ve seen a couple of OSV company ads “hiring for all positions.” I have not heard anything about OSV pay these days. What is it?

The schools in that area are still running courses in spite of Covid?

Is Louisiana still a Covid hot spot?


Yes, shutting down for the sniffles isn’t necessary.


That attitude is why Louisiana is a Covid hot zone with overburdened hospitals and a higher death rate.


You spelled *California wrong whom mind you has the most stringent lockdowns/mandates.



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Old expression: “don’t lock the barn door after the horse has been stolen.”

That’s what California did.

Vermont locked the door early, has responsible people who respect and follow precautions, and has very little Covid.


One way to reduce Covid in Louisiana would be to suspend all those mostly bullshit safety courses until Covid is over. The courses are not necessary and more of a risk than a benefit.

Kinda hard to compare vermont to california. Big difference in population. 8 million in los angeles county alone. California was doing good the first few months until the civil unrest started and such.
There are plenty of less populated areas in northern ca (north of SF) that have little covid too.


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