Coronavirus at sea?

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I read on another media outlet that the ship will be quarantined for 2 weeks & if everything is okay then passengers & crew could disembark. Ouch! This coronavirus is going to throw a hurting on cruise ship stocks if these companies have to foot the bill for a boat load of nonpaying passengers for 2 weeks every time 1 in 5000 become sicks with the virus.

Last Saturday we had dinner with a Chinese couple who communicates with their family & business partners in China. When the Coronavirus subject came up I told them I wasn’t worried about it & thought it was just normal, nonstop media hype like everything else. They gave me a serious look & told me we should be worried. They say the situation with the virus is worse than the Chinese government is reporting. The wife’s brother is in the medical field in China & according to her he & thousands of others have been drafted to go work in the state that has been quarantine off. She said China has built 6 tent hospital towns there & other tent hospitals are being built throughout China as a precaution. They also said we should stock up on masks that have N95 on them. They said the stores in China are out of N95 & are very expensive in the secondary market. I looked at 2 pharmacies close to my house but the shelves are empty.


Thursday afternoon, the laboratory at Rome confirmed that it was only a common flu. The port authority freed the ship and the passengers… but the president of the city (Civitavecchia) stopped all and waited for more confirmations…

In the evening, the some 700 passengers expected to leave at Civitavecchia could leave or stay on board for the night. The incoming passengers are ‘parked’ in surrounding hotels, and will embark Friday morning.

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Cruise ship Diamond Princess

According to a Dutch passenger the ship is aimlessly circling in the Japanese waters.

You have a better chance finding them at your local hardware store, i.e., Lowes, Home Depot and similar stores.

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You’re right, that’s what I did! A Harbor Freight, the second one. The ones I found even have little check valves on them. I have a couple of days in airports in the next week & the misses wants me to have a mask in case I get stuck next to a cougher or get a bad vibe from a crowded plane or long line. I’ve never wore a mask before, doubt that I will but nice to have just in case.

Yes, better safe than sorry…

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Probably best to avoid this type if you want to travel:-

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they didnt only build tents

No one in Maryland has corona virus, but so far 20 have died from “common flu”. Maybe they should have left them on the ship!

Just look at this horrific case of Coronavirus I saw whilst camping in southern Western Australia.


Damn, that looks really addictive.

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I’m curious how things are working for ships calling ports in China. Are ships still being worked? Is there any interaction between the agent or immigration officials and the mate or captain? Are ships returning from port calls in China getting extra scrutiny at ports outside China or back here in the US? APL and Matson still call there I think.

With the reference to twitter
CoronaVirus News

Infection Summary as of 1am GMT on February 8th, 2020: -34,878 Confirmed Cases -724 Deaths -6,106 in Serious/Critical Condition -2,082 Recovered -28 Territories

The screens of infected by countries make tears!

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The number of Coronavirus cases almost doubled overnight. That is alarming news! A cruise ship is not a hospital with all the necessary facilities. Contamination can take place via the food chain. Meals have to be delivered cabin by cabin three times a day.

And then there is cabin fever caused by a prison kind of solitary confinement, it drives people nuts.

Cabin fever (also called stir-crazy, from the use of stir to mean ‘prison’) is a claustrophobic reaction, manifested as extreme irritability and restlessness, that takes place when a person or group ends up in an isolated or solitary location, or stuck indoors in confined quarters for an extended period of time.

Question remains who is footing the bill. The ship is out of the loop for normal cruise traffic. The cost to maintain that kind of large numbers of passengers on board the ship must be enormous, same for all the doctors, helpers, caretakers and logistics.

I’d imagine insurance is footing the bill. As for your cabin fever issue, they can tough it out. It’s not terribly different from what most merchant crews face in our normal line of work; people are just too soft nowadays.

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Yes, you might also say totally spoiled and not fit for hardships anymore.


Statistically the chances of dying from this latest scare is small. While waiting for people to come to their senses I can think of worse places to wait than a cruise ship. Unless you are crew…

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I wonder if they are confined to their cabins or its too late?

Chinese now saying it could be 24 days incubation before symptoms that could mean those cleared and sent home from 14 day in lock up are spreading the disease.
Seems like a small meeting in a hotel in Singapore has infected everyone at that meeting and some of the taxi drivers.
One brit was there and has infected people in several countries before he know I guess?