Z Card

This is my first post guys, but I had a question for you all. I am just waiting on drug test results right now but as soon as i recieve those I am sending out all my paper work for my Z card. This is my first time, I am not upgrading it or renewing it. Just getting it for the first time, and as soon as I get it I have a OS job oppurtunity. I was just wondering if there was anyone out there who recently applied for it and how long it took?

Depends, I had a buddy who past his TWIC background but not his MMC check. In general though 3-4 weeks. Most likely your gonna need a BST course also but not always. Good luck

Okay thank you! I have my twic, and BST. Ive heard on average a month I just wasn’t sure if anyone had just gone through it recently and could say exactly. Thanks again!

Why not start off on the correct foot and lose the term “z-card”. You aim to get an entry level MMC, Merchant Mariner Credential. It looks like Mao’s Little Red Book. I recently did a simple renewal and it took 6 weeks. You can check the progress of your application on the NMC website.

Why are you calling it a “z-card”? That term hasn’t been used for several years. It took me about three weeks to get mine. I got my MMC less than a year ago. The NMC told me to send my stuff to Seattle for faster processing, so I did. Where are you working?

Don’t tell anyone until you are hired

Well actually, it was MMD, MMC…I heard next year they will be changing it to MMB ‘Merchant Mariner Button’ - A special button so that everyone will know you’re a merchant marine

I did mine in March of this year and the turnaround was only 15 days. Not as bad as I thought it would be.

Thank you all for the helpfulness sent out the application today hoping it all goes well!

Dont send it to Miami…

They called it a z-card" at seven of the companies I applied to this week. Mine took 5 weeks out of Houston.