Chevron Cadet Program

Has anybody gone this route or know of anybody that has, They seem to always be looking for people. For informational purposes I received my TWIC card in 10 days. The same amount of time it took to get my drug test back. Now I wonder how long it will take to get my MMD back.

Am I the only one confused trying to figure out what the subject line has to do with the post?

Are you a cadet, if so, your MMDs are processed differently.

I am just starting out and getting my documentation in order so I can apply for my first job. I see Chevron is looking of OS’s and I am trying to determine is that might be the way to go. By the time my MMD gets back I should have already completed my Basic STCW. I figure that should make me able to be employed at some entry level position. That is why I am asking about Chevron and their help wanted post. I hope this clears things up.

Sailing OS is definitely different than sailing as a cadet.

I believe Chevron keeps a permanent open posting for OS’s. Doesn’t mean they are actually hiring. They’re just looking to develop a pool of people to call if they do have an opening.

Chevron used to be a great company to sail with, but I think they are a shell of their former self. I sailed as a cadet and did a few relief 3/M trips with them ~20 years ago (damn I’m getting old). Loved them but even then they were beginning to wind down in the Jones Act trade. Looking at their website it looks like they have some newbuilds coming online, but I don’t think they are as big a player as they once were. That’s sad.