Just got my new MMC (renewal & upgrade), and I’m supremely underwhelmed. It’s just a plasticized piece of paper that you fold hamburger hotdog. The old credential was something you could be proud of, something that your friends would ask to take a closer look at, something that was worth the $45 issuance fee. This new one looks like something that might accidentally get thrown away. Is it a race to the bottom in all aspects of this industry? Sad.




How long did it take you to get it? I submitted my upgrade request to Houston REC Thursday last week, still don’t see any confirmation that it is being processed.

Sent mine to the Portland REC mid-November, and finally got it in the mail last week :neutral_face: But they contacted me twice in that time; once because I was just shy of one of the endorsements I wanted, and once because I hadn’t paid the issuance fee. Still, not exactly fireball fast.

I submitted 2/26 approved to print 3/16

Wow! that was fast. I sent my upgrade on 2/22 and it’s now for Professional Qualification Evaluator assignment as of 3/14

Sent mine in 1/14. Still sitting at “awaiting security evaluation”…

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Submitted for renewal 2/13. Approved to print 3/14. Printed and mailed 3/18

Security evaluations should not hold up professional qualifications evaluations. Processing should continue. Security evaluations should only hold up approval to print.

I’d like to see the statistics on how many applications are rejected on security grounds. Given how many felons and scumbags with MMCs that some companies hire, I have a feeling that over 99% of applications pass security review.

If it’s a very small number of rejects (as I suspect) they should just accept everyone with a TWIC card. There is no good reason to have a second USCG security screening in addition to the TWIC.

Again, simplify and reduce the USCG’s workload and costs.


I’m seeing a lot of job ads with “those previously incarcerated encouraged to apply.” Glad I’ll be doing something a bit different come this Fall… Gonna be an ROV pilot! Wheeee! Because there’s no weirdos in the commercial diving industry😅

TWICs don’t screen for SASH type of convictions. I believe that’s what is taking so long with the NMC security checks.

Don’t tell me that Congress mandated SASH screening, but didn’t provide more resources to do it.