Mmc waiting times


I just submitted my packet FINALLY. It was kind of a complicated process for me due to some whoopsies in my youth (reckless driving w/ an alcohol etc). According to the check lists though I am ok as it was in 2018. Had a hunting infraction as well. I included all court and probation documents from the office who was kind enough to send me everything free and complete.

I was already approved for TWIC and medical cert. I had over 1000 days sea service.

Hoping for 50 ton but will be fine with 25. I have several jobs waiting on me to get it.

Stcw bt, assistance towing, as well.

Anyone have updated on waiting times? I know there was printer issues a few months ago.

Do you guys think since I already have medical and was approved for TWIC which took forever, that the process may be sped up a bit?

There is a huge boat club company that runs hinckleys where I live in Florida, they pay for housing, transportation and medical. Summers are in the Hamptons. Two captains and recruiter have insured me position with them upon receiving masters upgrade. Several charter companies in south Florida are interested as well. Fingers crossed! Next chapter hopefully beginning here!


I wouldn’t get my hopes up to see that in under 90 days.


there’s a thread here with some information on it. I submitted a few certs 3wks ago and they were just sent to the NMC…

My buddy applied for a new MMC, already had a TWIC and med cert before applying. Emailed his application on 3/24, finally got approved on 5/8 and his MMC was printed on 5/16. He had no errors in his app or request to provide new info. So expect 60 days start to receiving your MMC if you are lucky.

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Great thank you!

How did your buddy know when they sent it to mmc? I sent in 2 days ago but did not receive any email back or anything.

You’ll get an email from a donotreply address stating that it has been received and sent on the to NMC. It will take a week to ten days…

Just double checking….

They emailed me back and said I need to pay fee, which I did and included in pdf format, as well as the oath needed to be administered by a coast guard approved person with (notary) in brackets. I got the section notarized by a notary at a bank. Does this count? Does it have to be someone in particular with the coast guard etc? I sent a pdf back of the page with the notary stamp. Not sure if they just over looked it or what but I want to be proactive and double check that a notary and stamp are ok. So far not looking good getting this thing sent to NMC out of Miami. In retrospect should have sent it else where but thought I should send it close to home. Idk

About the fee, if you’re sure you paid the right amount, let it ride. If there is an issue, the NMC phone reps are usually knowledgeable about the fees and how to address them.

As long as the oath is notarized with a stamp you’re good.

Got an email today stating it all has been sent to NMC. Typical Miami stuff