How long to print Original MMC

Hello People smarter than me .
My original MMC 100t captains license was approved for issuance/ approved to print about two weeks ago . Since then I haven’t heard anything from the NMC. I was just wondering if this is normal or should I be worried . My application didn’t sit in any stage for more than two weeks including waiting for an evaluator. Are they having delays printing the actual documents?

There’s a post somewhere on here about this. Yes delays in printing. A printer is down or something.

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Thank you , I’ll have a look .

I am waiting for mine for exactly one month today. It’s been approved for issuance and sent to print on February, 20. Last time I upgraded my license was about two years ago, don’t remember how long it took than, but definitely less than a month!

This is unfortunate. From everything I read and was told by other captains this would be the shortest wait at this stage. Guess I should expect to wait at least another 2-3 weeks . You would think they would be prepared for a down printer .

I was told the printer stage is backed up mine was issued March 1st still hasn’t been printed or mailed

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I’m in the same boat here…waiting on a 200t mate of towing license. Boss has threatened to tie the boat up next week if I don’t have the license. Our other mate is having a kid. Do you know if mariners can work on a license they don’t physically have yet? I was approved to print in March 3

You might consider letting the NMC know that a whole boat and crew are about to be tied up because they’re holding up one guy’s license. It’s not for me to say whether the NMC has any kind of a fast track — I have no idea — but if they have any discretion at all to put someone ahead in line then perhaps fully apprising them of the details of your situation, and the impact that they’re having on it, might be helpful.

I’m just spitballing here, simply thinking out loud, but hey, try anything once, right?

There’s plenty of strings that can be pulled, but it may require more than a 200T mate.

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I checked my status today and it shows it’s been printed . Check yours because I did not get an email about the update .

Lucky you haha

Same! Mine has finally printed and is mailed

You are the lucky one ))) As of today mine still just “approved for issuance” ))) . Almost six week passed.

Sorry to hear that , I would reach out to the uscg but I’m sure you already have . It’s possible that upgrades are taking a backseat to originals until they get things ironed out. If you go to the main uscg page it says in red that they’re having delays with the printing process . Hope things get sped up for you . Best of luck .

Approved for issuance March first , mailed April 7