TWIC Card issues with MMC Application

Back in April I applied for my MMC with a 100ton master and numerous endorsements. Ever since then my application has been in the same 1st stage of the process which is security vetting. Yesterday marked 3 months and NO progress. They say my TWIC card application is pending but I physically have my TWIC card and is valid until 2024. I called the TSA numerous times and they say there is no issue and my TWIC is valid. 2 weeks ago the NMC said that TSAs system is holding about 150 mariners hostage because there’s some issue in the new contractors system or something like that. So currently I have a valid TWIC but the NMC will not proceed with my application until It shows as approved on their system. About 3 weeks ago the approved and have received my medical certificate and they said they did that to at least get something going. But from what I hear sending the medical certificate before approving the MMC is unheard of. I am all out of ideas here, I have a license consultant from the school assisting me but still no headway. I can’t afford a maritime attorney so that is out. Anybody else being affected by the TWIC glitch? Any ideas or suggestions?

Try calling your congressman’s office, they usually enjoy helping constituents and this is something a phone call from them can usually kick in gear.