Twic Card

Till haven’t recieved twic card, it’s been 10 months since i applied, sent all necessary waivers in in august. told it would take up to 60 days for response, still no responce so started calling senator, congressmen, governors. any suggestions??

hey man
, i have the same prob.- i applied feb 22nd-; turned in all waivers and so forth; was told 60 days, at 60 days was told 90, and at 90 i was told there is no time limit??? i just got my 200t masters, and have job waiting , but uscg won’t send me my license til they get fax of my twic…what do we do??? please email a response to

To all with the same TWIC/ TSA problem!!! I called the Nat’l Mariners Assoc. at (985)851-2134. Ask for a Richard Block. He faxed all info regarding my 11 mos. wait for my TWIC card to Homeland Sec., and the very next day Homeland Sec. called my cell and apologised. They told me that the past 8 mos. of requests from them was unnecessary and someone was going to be reprimanded for it? I faxed them a 30 page paper i prepared this past weekend. I should have my TWIC soon, then i can fax the Coast Guard a copy of my TWIC and finally get my license??? It has been on the Coast Guards desk since June.