Regarding TWIC/TSA

I applied for my TWIC FEB. 22nd of this year. i have sent all waivers in and was told 60 days , 110 days ago? at day 61 i called and was told 90 days?- at day 93 i called and was told there is no wait time??? - 6 mos. ago i passed my exam for my 200t masters, the USCG is waiting for me to fax my TWIC to them, so ican get my license… I have a job waiting on liftboat near me in TX despite the bad economy… I have emailed my local Congressman 2wks ago to no avail with getting a response. Does anyone have any suggestions??? Please email me at "" with any and all suggestions PLEASE…

I believe that you should only need to provide the Coast Guard proof of your application for a TWIC.

that is what i thought when i was in school 6 mos ago? the school sent that proof with my completion papers and proof of me passing my exam, and i got a call a week later from USCG in west virginia stating i needed to fax my TWIC as soon as it came in. that proof of applying was not good enough? -----so i wait in limbo???

That sucks!

That will get the application moving at NMC, but they cannot print/issue before you get the TWIC.

is there anything more i can do ??? i am filling out some privacy release form for my local congressman now,and will drop it off at his office today. - but it seems that our gov’t has dropped the ball still once more at our cost… there seems no good is coming out of this TWIC? when it is so obvious of the scam , how long will it take for action to be taken? sorry for venting…