TWIC - Linking DHS/USCG Database File


Good day to you:

Here is a problem that has come to light and that I feel to be very important information for you to pass along to everyone. During the past several weeks I have run up against this problem on multiple occasions and you all need to be aware of delays that it has and is causing.

Make sure that you tell your people that when they make their application with TSA to apply for their TWIC card that they identify their occupation as a MERCHANT MARINER. If this is not done then the information gathered at TSA WILL NOT BE SHARED WITH THE COAST GUARD.

I believe this is how it is supposed to work.
The mariner contacts TSA to make an application for their TWIC.
If the mariner does NOT state on the application that their occupation is that of a ‘MERCHANT MARINER’ the information goes nowhere except within the TSA system. The TWIC card will be issued if all is cleared through TSA.
If the information from TSA is not forwarded to the NMC then the mariners application is suspended awaiting additional information, because they (NMC) have no information from TSA. This is causing major problems for the mariner. Even if the mariner sends in a copy of their TWIC, the NMC won’t accept it because TSA has not released the information needed to them.
Because NMC does not have this information, the mariners application has been placed into a “suspended” status until this information has been received, will cause the application process to be delayed 10-12 weeks before it goes to an evaluator.

This 10-12 weeks, added to an application that has been at the NMC for 4-8 weeks already, awaiting clearance from the Medical Evaluation Branch and then waiting again for assignment to an evaluator is a devastating set back for mariners wanting to renew or to get an original MMC issued.
So, I am strongly suggesting that you please tell your people that if they have recently made application for their TWIC to contact TSA either via telephone or the website and change their Occupation to ‘MERCHANT MARINER’ (if they have not already done so), and then request that TSA forward the information to the CG as quickly as possible. I believe this should be done for anyone who has had a TWIC issued within the past 4 months as well. This is especially necessary if the mariner has made an application to NMC for an original or renewal within this time frame and has not received their new MMC.

Here is hoping this information will not be necessary for you to deal with, but it is better to be pro-active than re-active.

Thank you,

Norleen L. Schumer
360-616-2730 (fax)


I checked- polite workers at twic:)

and surprisingly- they had me listed as Merchant Mariner.

I went through Houston (turning basin)


There was a thread here a few weeks ago about this very thing…I called them too and after about 10 minutes, all was well…


NMC advised mariners of the need to identify themselves as merchant mariners in order to allow TSA to share its data a year ago, see

The information being provided from TSA to the Coast Guard is a lot more than the fact that you have a TWIC. It’s all the information from your fingerprints and the TSA’s criminal background check (keep in mind you don’t get fingerprinted at the Coast Guard anymore). If it were only that you have a TWIC we’d probably be accepting the REC sighting your TWIC.

Why does the Coast Guard do its own background check? Because the potentially disqualifying offenses are different, many thjings the Coast Guard looks for, TSA does not - for example, any assault will be disqualifying for an MMC, but for a TWQIC it’s just assault with intent to murder. So if you didn’t want to kill the guy, just give him a beating, you’re OK for the TWIC.


Does anyone have a phone number to TSA that will allow you to actually speak to someone. I called and got multiple recorded bits of info. I went down to the TWIC center where I picked up my card last month. The girls were not that helpful. I asked them to check for me and they seemed like they didn’t really give a hoot. Acted like I was bothering them. They were sitting in an empty room all by them selves. One of them walked over to a commputer and looked at my application. She said the box was not checked but it had been hand typed by the person who had originally taken my info. That leaves me a bit nervous. I have my card now, it would be nice to speak to someone a bit higher up in the food chain to confirm. Last thing I need is another delay!
I have really gotten spooked by all the post on about licensing snafu’s.
Then I here that some parts of the licensing department doesn’t even want to have contact with us! Man I used to like the computer age. More and more I think it is creating a bunch of idiots. People communicate most effectivlly face 2 face, voice 2 voice. Looking for a job sucks to. Spend hours putting a decent resume togeather then click to send and thats it. makes you feel like shit. I have always been able to get the job I wanted, if given the chance to sit down and talk with someone. Someday we are all going to lose our mouths and ears if this don’t turn around!
…steps down from soap box…that felt good:)


866-347-8942 They were helpful

I couldn’t remember my reference code- they found it for me :slight_smile:


TU -that was easy!


I called the help desk and within 5 minutes they made the change of occupation for me and forwarded it to the Coast Guard. They gave me a confirmation number as well. It should be noted that it was early on a Monday morning when call centers are usually swamped.

I called (866)347-8942. Be sure to use the option for existing cardholders. Anything else will result in a loop of recordings.:wink:


[QUOTE=jdcavo;13112]So if you didn’t want to kill the guy, just give him a beating, you’re OK for the TWIC.[/QUOTE]

LOL. Nice to know, since those are the guys that are probably hired to man the little guard shacks at the top of the docks.