MMC-TWIC Crossover Help

Tons of great info on this site, so here is my problem. I am working on getting my original MMC. Have gone through the appl process and tested for AB and am all set to have my MMC issued. Message at NMC for me is “Awaiting Info” . Apparently I was not identified through TWIC as a merchant mariner, have had my card since Jun08, and the NMC is linked with TWIC now and can not issue my MMC until info is received from TWIC. I called TWIC a week ago to get info changed, they said it would be transmitted. Called NMC yesterday and they have yet to receive my TWIC info. Called TWIC back and they updated info again and said it is transmitted to CG. NMC said it could take up to 72 hours to receive updated info from TWIC. So I will wait until Friday and call NMC back to see if they have received TWIC info.

Anyone else having this problem? Any other ideas how to get this fixed? Its a real bummer trying to fix a problem I have no control over :confused:

The system is not working properly. Nothing to do but wait it out.
CG not recieving info sent by TWIC.