I just got an email from TWICNOTIFICATIONS telling me that my card is ready to be picked up and I need to come and get it. The problem is I picked it up almost a YEAR AGO!

Are these the people responsible for the security of this nation? If so we’re in big trouble.


Don’t worry. It is all about who you know in these days and times. No longer are the days of function over fashion. At least the new director of homeland scrutiny has not been caught in any child misconduct. What a joke our system HAS BECOME! All in favor…

Could it be they are letting you know that your new card is ready? There was talk a few weeks back that a computer hiccup has caused all cards issued before Oct. 21? to be no good and thus requiring new cards to be issued at no cost to the mariner. I was lucky by being down in Mexico, I just went thru the application process last month, so I think my card should be OK when I get back and pick it up. You guys cover a lot of very useful topics! I’ve always wished there was a place to go for mariner info. and thankful that I somehow stumbled across your site. Keep up the good work!:wink:

If this is true I hope we don’t have to go back to the original place of issue. That could be a real problem for a lot of mariners.

Excuse me for sounding like an idiot… Are TWIC and Z-Cards the same?

Nope- a Z card- also called an MMD is an expensive license which lets you work on a boat while a twic is an expensive license- which… lets you work on…a boat:confused:

Actually- TWIC is from transportation Security Administration ( and grants access to port and other facilities.

An mmd is from the Coast Guard and allows you to work on vessels.

If you work on inland waters boats (not in the ocean)- you won’t initially need a z card- but will need a twic. I fou want to work on a freighter, cruise ship, etc. offshore or in the ocean- you need both.

It’s funny you mentioned this because I sent an email to them in regards to the girls that were working in the office the day I went to pick my TWIC up.

One had her Ipod in her ear dancing and the other girls were all complaining about having to work on memorial day.

When I went in to the back to add my pin the girl left me in the room alone with hundreds of people’s TWICS just sitting there right in front of me along with all the laptops anyone could have easily snatched if they wanted to.

Very unprofessional and a serious and potential security risk in it’s own. I hope my email gets seen by the right person from TSA. Because to be honest I’m not exactly sure how secure these TWIC’s really are.

Really, are you surprised? This whole program is total pork with very little increase to the actual security of our nation. The TWIC card is basically worthless, since no port that I have tried to access will allow you in unless you also have a port badge. Wasn’t the TWIC supposed to prevent exactly this from happening?! Also, govenrment in all their wisdom thought that they would only need to open mulitple temporary offices to handle the initial start up of the program, so they only hired temporary low wage workers and we, the customers (US citizens), get to experience the predictable result. I will allow that the woman I dealt with at the TWIC office was nice enough, but the atmosphere in the officer and the professionalism of the other employees leaves a lot to be desired.

This whole thing is a fiasco and totally worthless, since anyone with half an IQ already knows that if you want to attack merchant shipping in the US all you need is a 20’ boat, the biggest engine you can strap on the stern and some explosives. Next time you go into a port look at the security at the gate and ask yourself, “Do you think these guys could react fast enough to stop a large truck speeding at the gate filled with crazies shooting at them with high powered weapons?”. All of this port security is a joke and we know it. The government opened Pandora’s Box after 9/11 and the panic that ensued by allowing the security firms to begin mandating their own services. They immediately issued reports calling for more security in almost every manner conceivable.

The marginal increase in security does not offset the inconvenience and cost that we are now subjected to. This would be denied by security experts, but next time you hear one speak keep in mind that they stand to benefit substantially by convincing the port authorities and elected officials that we are in grave danger.

Nice post Kingfysh! And I certainly do agree with you in regards to your post.
I just couldn’t believe for such a big security concern for our ports and the new TWIC program they let these offices be run by mediocre individuals.

The people facilitating these offices could care less about this program, our security or us in that matter. We give them all of our personal information and who’s to really say it’s safe to do when these people are playing around in the offices and listening to Ipods. The offices clearly state no cell phone use at any times but the employees were texting and on their phones.

Leaving hundreds of TWICS sitting on a table next to me in a room unsupervised leaves many questions to be answered. I don’t normally make a big deal of things but after thinking about it this just sent me over the edge to say the least.

In Oakland, one must have a TWIC in order to be escorted through the port. If you don’t have a TWIC, they won’t escort you.

Anyone else see the problem with that?

Sorry, What is “TWIC”, THANKS^-^

[quote=Kingfysh;11619] Also, govenrment in all their wisdom thought that they would only need to open mulitple temporary offices to handle the initial start up of the program, so they only hired temporary low wage workers and we, the customers (US citizens), get to experience the predictable result.


Kingfysh, that was one of the best descriptions of what they have done to us that I have heard to date…Also you pointed out something that I have felt from the begining…

The temporary offices were a joke…I went to Sacramento,CA. for mine…I drove around the building twice trying to find it…Finally I started walking into offices until I found the right one…The signs outside said it was a realestate office…There were even extra “home for sale signs” still stacked along the walls…

I went with a crew member to the Twic office in Richmond,CA…Luckily he had found it once before or we would have repeated the same ordeal…

It looks to me like,that once the contractor was awarded the contract…They went back to the boardroom and tried to come up with a plan to spend as little money as possible …The difference being a nice fat bonus for the boss’s…Jusy my opinion of course but how do these guys get away with such a lousy product and then win contract after contract…?.In the real world they would be fired and run off…Is the bar that low?