Port of West Sacramento TWIC Center

Well I went to the West Sacramento TWIC center about 5 weeks ago, just logged on to check my status and I saw this.

Your Status: Card In Production.
Card Ready For Pickup: No.
Enrollment Center: Sacramento, CA.

Hopefully I’ll have my card this week so I can start sending out applications :slight_smile:

They are not going to have your card ready anytime soon most likely. Check out their web page, but that had a massive computer problem and are having difficulties activating cards.

Sounds fishy to me, I bet thats an excuse they’re using to get cards out to the other ports on time. No reason a power outage should cause problems like that. In fact their servers should all be on battery backup and emergency generator systems.

I know on Oct. 20 th the whole system was down…Couldn’t even schedule an appointment…I ended up going to Sacramento on the 21 st and they were still having trouble…I thought it sounded kinda fishy to me too until I saw what the woman was going through trying to hold it all together…My status shows that I haven’t even enrolled…I wonder where my 132.00 landed then???

Mine said application pending up until today.

Man I’m glad I took care of my TWIC last spring…

The Office is telling me that the TWIC system is down til sometime in Dec. This is just freaking insane. My cards sitting there, heck I’ve seen it but because they cant record my finger prints they cant give it to me.
I really want to know the sick sadistic SOB that thought this crap up.
Heres something to ponder. I have flown a lot the past few weeks, and I have yet to see a TSA, airline employee, or airport employee with a TWIC. Honestly I cant wait to get mine and use it at airport security and see if they look at it with WTF looks on there faces.

They will look at you like you’re crazy. Example: The maritime unions (AMO, MEBA, MMP, SIU, etc.) had a meeting at Coast Guard headquarters in D.C. recently. Apparently at the door you have to show ID to get in. One of the guys in the entourage showed the guy his TWIC, the guy looked at it, and said "Do you have anything else? I don’t know what this is."
Glad we’re all paying for this ridiculous card.

When I was trying to get onto Pearl Harbor Naval Base to get to the MSC ship I was on I tried showing my TWIC and it didn’t work. Of course I was getting hassled over my MMD also so who knows…

I enrolled for my TWIC in Carver, MA. It took just a week to get here. I didn’t spend more than half an hour in the building, total time for both days.

Has this happened to anyone else.?.I have watched the TSA / TWIC site since I went down and paid my fee’s…My status has always showed " Not Enrolled"…
Now I get an e mail saying that the card is done and ready to be picked up…I check my status again…it says card is not ready to be picked up and I’m still not enrolled…I call the TWIC help line…Not much help there I’m afraid…They don’t know what is wrong or where it’s at…

.I ask for the phone number of the office that I enrolled at so I could call them and check…Nope , they don’t have it…

I experienced extremely fast service. My card was ready in a week. Except for the computer malfunction which they didn’t advised of of until after I made the trip up to try and pick it up, the entire experience was fast. When I did my enrollment, I pre-enrolled on line, I didn’t have an appointment, but was still in and out in 30 minutes.

My card finally arrived Friday. Took about 10 minutes to activate it.

Has anyone successfully used their TWIC as ID at an airport? It’s on the list of approved ID’s to use when going through TSA security, but I’ve never heard of someone using it without any hassle.

Use it next time you fly, if they give you a problem have them call over a supervisor.

I plan on it…I should be flying out soon, and I’m going to give them my TWIC and see what they say. I was thinking of printing out the page of “acceptable” id’s and having it in hand so I can show it to them when they tell me they don’t know what it is.