Twic expiration date


Probably the least ‘looked at’ thing we own. Everyone has to carry one, we ALL loathe them. And the anniversary is rolling around now that the 5 year original issue timeframe is maturing.

Take yours out. Look at the expiration date. On the bad side, it takes one to three weeks from application to getting a new one. On the good side, the FBI in its magnanimity has lowered the cost of a background check by $2.95. So this precious thing only sets you back $129.50, now!

Buy seriously, check you expiration date. The time is coming.

I just picked mine up today. It was ready about 6 days after I renewed. Waste of time and money.

I think we should organize a national TWIC strike. Agree on a day, and then every mariner with a TWIC card take it out, duct tape a small fishing weight to it, and toss it overboard in protest. Or, better yet (because the TWIC is plastic, and we don’t want to pollute), we each mail our TWICs to congressman Larsen (ranking member on the committee in charge of this mess). I mean what could the authorities do? Lock out a whole industry? We all “toss the TWIC” and refuse to get a new one. If everyone agreed to do it, they couldn’t stop us. Domestic maritime commerce would grind to a halt, and after about a week they would have to cry uncle and let us back to work- with out our TWICs.

What an unbelieveable waste of our money and resources.

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I would imagine that mariners make up less than 10% of TWIC users.

[B]Don’t even get me started on this one.[/B]

I am in Brazil, l do have a USCG ticket, but l’m operating on a Brazilian flag tug and l got a Brazilian ticket too. I just wonder if l can renew my twic here in the embassy.

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[B]Ok… ya got me started…[/B]

[B][U]House members seek TWIC renewal extensions[/U][/B]

Article is at bottom of first page.

Let me know what ya think.

The only time anybody asked for my TWIC, I was was renewing my credentials. They didn’t want to see it, just asked me if I had it. All the docks ask for a DRIVERS LICENSE.

[QUOTE=Jeffery_P_Oliver;65495]The only time anybody asked for my TWIC, I was was renewing my credentials. They didn’t want to see it, just asked me if I had it. All the docks ask for a DRIVERS LICENSE.[/QUOTE]

[B]That’s because virtually none of the TWIC card “readers” worked.

Some private companies bought them for use at their terminals.

This program is not fully functional, yet you are paying for it. [/B]

[B]Ok. I just got off the phone with a live person !!!

Your renewal/re-issuance can only be done in US [U]click here for Locations[/U]

I said you can be a foreigner and apply for one with B-1 visa but can’t get one if you are already a citizen ?

Then I quoted their website which explains here…

TWIC annotated B-1 visa

Who can apply for a TWIC annotated B-1 visa?

Foreign nationals who perform maritime services in the United States and require access to secure areas of facilities and vessels can apply for this new type of B-1 visa, specifically designed for the TWIC program. These individuals are required to meet the eligibility requirements set forth by the Department of State for a B-1 visa (‘Temporary Visitor for Business’) and are required to provide an official letter from their employer stating that a TWIC is required to perform the individual’s job in the maritime industry. This letter must be provided to the relevant U.S. Embassy or Consulate as part of the individual’s visa application.

What information should be contained in the letter from an employer sponsoring an individual for a TWIC annotated B-1 visa?

Details such as the type of work performed by the individual, the location and duration of the work, as well as employer contact information is required if additional information or follow up is necessary. Click here for a sample letter template. (.pdf, 16kb)

Does issuance of the TWIC annotated B-1 visa mean an individual will receive a TWIC?

Issuance of the TWIC annotated B-1 visa makes an individual eligible to apply for a TWIC. Once the individual successfully completes the comprehensive TSA security threat assessment and meets the TWIC eligibility requirements, they will be issued a TWIC. Additionally, once presented with a TWIC, access decisions are made entirely by local ports and facilities.

So basically TWIC card holders are screwed again. The person I talked to said you are welcome to come and renew anytime. It does not have to be expired. It will last 5 yr.s from date of expiration on the card. [/B]

Anyway I hope this helped.

[QUOTE=NAUTICART;65494][B]Ok… ya got me started…[/B][/QUOTE]

UUUGGGGHH…[teeth clenched] I darted off to google to dig up some bad news about the TWIC, and then decided to not waste my time as this topic has been thoroughly discussed in the forums.

I don’t agree with the idea of an extension. I will not be satisfied with anything less than a complete END to the TWIC program as we know it. Extensions will just let this whole debacle drag on longer. [B]God forbid they actually get readers working, because then my company and yours will then have to spend a ton of cash to get them installed instead of giving us pay increases. The ports will have to install these things instead of buying useful equipment or hiring new people.[/B]

Please, everyone reading this, contact your representatives in congress and tell them to stop wasting your money (and the taxpayers in general) and end the TWIC. Write an op-ed for the paper, post something on your blog- do something, anything to end this multi-billion-dollar waste of time and resources. Seriously, if mariners, truckers, port workers get together and get organized with a unified LOUD voice, we can convince them to stop this mess. Heck, I think I’ll contact the prez candidates and try to make this program a poster child for govt waste and mis-management, try and get some air time. Seriously, BILLIONS of dollars wasted, and not a lick safer or more secure.

BTW…I realize that the TWIC is just one of MANY post-911 programs that is a HUGE wast of money (just look at the Mobile Command Center and Armored Personnel Carrier that the police department in my town of 80,000 has). The reason I make a call-to-arms here is because as mariners, we personally get shafted by this program by paying the fee and taking our precious free time to get the stupid thing and blah blah blah with ZERO result for increased security. The only one who benefits is the defense contractor collecting the checks from you and me. And, perhaps I harbor this delusion that as a group we can actually do something about it.

It was ready about 6 days after I renewed.

[QUOTE=Jeffery_P_Oliver;65495]The only time anybody asked for my TWIC, I was was renewing my credentials. They didn’t want to see it, just asked me if I had it. All the docks ask for a DRIVERS LICENSE.[/QUOTE]

I get asked for a TWIC at every dock/terminal that I enter to do surveys. Every gate at the Port of Houston and every terminal on Galveston Bay and the Houston Ship Channel. I also get asked for it at every offshore dock in Louisiana. Has it ever been scanned? No.

For the last 6 or so months I have made it a point to NOT show my TWIC at any facility, gate or dock. I simply show my drivers license or old (still valid) mmd card. Not once has this been challenged.

To me it appears that both the intention and use of the TWIC card has been both ignored and subverted by the terminals.

As I read the TWIC info, a holder of a TWIC card is allowed ‘unescorted’ access to wherever. Even with a TWIC, Most terminals I go to won’t even let you in the gate without special escort (read $$$$) and once aboard you can’t even get off the boat to take a walk, get cigarettes, or grub without paying for said escort.

I agree. The TWIC program is BS, a wait of both my and the DHS time and should be gutted. The idea isn’t working because all players are not using it in the manner it was conceived and marketed.

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[QUOTE=cappy208;65534] The idea isn’t working because all players are not using it in the manner it was conceived and marketed.[/QUOTE]

I believe it is working exactly as Lockheed and its lobbyists intended. A lot of money was transferred from a captive market to their hands.

I was coming back to the ship in Port Ev about 6 months ago. When they asked for ID I showed my TWIC. He then asked for another form? He seen my old Z card in my wallet and asked for that. It was expired and I told him that, but he rather see that than the TWIC

Some places (Port of Houston and Port of Galveston facilities, right off) want to see both TWIC and driver’s license. It all depends. The Port of Houston has readers but doesn’t use them. There is a political comment about voter ID that I will leave alone. Oh, I guess I didn’t.

exactly!!! :-0~

Make sure you bring your old one to turn in when you get the new one. The woman told me all I needed was my drivers license to pick up - WRONG. Ended up wasting an hour and a half of my day to drive home and back to the site to get the useless piece of shit.

More money well spent. Oh - and dont believe for a second that you can use your original TWIC as ID when you go to renew! Nope…drivers license please. Unreal.