MMD renew and TWIC question....noob

Hello all! I have been prowling the forums here for awhile, and it is entertaining as well as informative! I may have not seen the posts about this particular topic already, so sorry.

I have been out of the Maritime industry for about 4 years. My MMD (OS/WIPER) is about to expire this March. I have been informed and mis-informed about whether or not I have to have a TWIC to renew the MMD. I understand that there are a ton of forms and such to fill out with the MMD, as well as the TWIC…and I am set to fill all of them out… I just wanted to make sure that a TWIC was absolutely necessary to renew an MMD. If so, then I suppose I will have to use a confirmation number while I wait five months for it to be processed.

Any help would be appreciated!!!

Fair Winds!

Try going to this link for a checklist of requirements:

You are correct. Everyone working with a MMD, licence, etc. must have a TWIC. Your MMD is not valid without one. Also, the card form of the MMD is gone, you are now given a passport type document containing your new “Merchant Mariner Credential.”

I wouldn’t say you will wait 5 months. There are a fair share of horror stories out there about processing times, and don’t even get me started on what a useless piece of plastic the TWIC is, but I would think you have a good chance of getting it within a few weeks. You have to go apply in person and go pick it up in person but otherwise it was painless.

You definetly have to have it to renew and I would say that your current credential is no longer valid without it. But it does make some parts of the process easier.

As for the tons of forms to fill out it was just a simple application, get your physical, drug test and pay em da money. I think you are making a mountain out of a mole hill and you should find the whole process much easier than you are thinking it will be. Not for certain but I don’t think you have to have the TWIC in your possesion, you simply need to show the receipt for the application. Post back if you have issues.

Good luck.

With the way the economy is, I had my brother get his TWIC and an entry level MMC recently…It took less than 2 months for everything…I don’t see a major issue for you…

I don’t remember the paperwork being too much different than what it has always been. You won’t have to worry about the passport photo though. They use the one off of your TWIC. So bring your comb when you apply for the TWIC.

Hope everyone had a good thanksgiving! Thanks for the clarification and the words of encouragement. I am looking forward to getting back out there, but not being away from the family–but I can help pay our debt down a whole lot faster on the Ocean than on land. (Thanks economy!@!!!)

Once again, thanks for the advice. I’ll get the shizzle rolling after the new year and see what happens!

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