Need help Please- questions about lost mmd

Lost my wallet today (no idea where/how).

I’m in between permanent housing- so had my mmd in wallet :frowning:

I have an appointment to pick up my Twic in Houston in a week. I think I can use my passport/birth certificate to get the twic. If not- I should be able to get my Driver’s license by then.

I’m wondering- I got my mmd in Portland- but can I just drop into USCG in Houston and apply for a new one? Do I have to go to Portland? Or do I have to apply somewhere else?

Lastly-If I can do it in Houston- will my passport suffice as ID?

Any help appreciated.


You need to go to an REC (any REC) and apply for a duplicate there. Make sure you make it clear on the application and to the REC it’s a replacement of a lost document. You’ll also need a written explantion of why you need the replacement, and make sure you bring ID. If you don’t have the proper forms of ID, they can’t do anything.

Once the REC gets all this, it will go to NMC. When it gets here, it’s flagged to go immediately to an evaluator (since it’s a replacement, it won’t need the medical or security review). A passport is good ID as it proves both identity and citizenmship. A 2nd form of ID would also be good.

I’m not directly invloved in any of this part of NMC, so if you need more info contact or (888) IASKNMC.

jdcavo- thanks a bunch:)
That’s a big relief- thought i wuld have to go to Houston- then Portland- then home. TWIC is already costing be almost $1000 (I live in Colorado) so this is a relief.

Thanks again-Anthony