Replacing a lost Merchant Mariners Document

About 4 years back I lost my Merchant Mariners Document due to my wallet being stolen at Norfolk. I was in the hiring process of getting a job at Merchant Sealift Command, but they sent me (and my future at MSC) back home on account that I didn’t have my MMD.

Since than I have gone to school, earned my degree. There is still something itching inside of me to join the MSC though, so I’ve decided to look into applying for a job with them again. The first step would be to find the means on how to obtain a MMD since my original was lost. I’ve gone to for some info, and to my understanding I would have to mail a statement on how I lost it, a copy of a TWICred, and a fee payment?

I just want to know if my MMD is valid after all these years. I’m not even sure if I have a TWIC as well. Can anyone verify in their own experience how to replace a lost MMD?

They’re good for FIVE YEARS - you’d best get hot or it’s gonna cost you a lot more that that

It should still be valid, unless itsa expiration date has passed. You can apply for a replacement, but since it has been 4 years, you’re better off applying for a renewal. Whether you apply for a replacement or a renewal, you will need a TWIC before it will be issued.