Check you TWIC status!


Your occupation must be listed as Merchant Mariner in order for the Coast Guard and Homeland Security to communicate.

Call the TWIC help desk at 866-347-8942, select option 5. Tell the operator you want to verify or update your occupation. They will take your information, issue you a ticket number, then pass you on to a Tier 2 desk. It took about 10 minutes.

After 5 months dealing with the NMC, I was informed today that they had no TWIC information on me. I had submitted a copy with my application, and my evaluator told me a month ago he had my TWIC information.

In my case, my information was correct, and it seems to be a communication error between USCG and TWIC. But I would recommend everyone checking to make sure, if just to save a headache down the road. I know of one other person who used a Z-Card as ID when applying, but in the process, the TWIC office dropped the Merchant Mariner designation.


thanks mike173…according to the person at twic my occupation was “blank”…wonder when all this nonsense will end!!


Thanks for the tip. I just called and, like others, I had used my Z-card when applying. But they didn’t have me as a Merchant Mariner. Now they do.

I’m getting so sick of all this shit trying to stay ahead of the insanity.


Sick isn’t the word…

If I was a company ( insert gov contractor) and contracted with another company ( U.S.Government), to do a service for them and failed so miserably at the task …I would expect to be fired …

Instead the company will get more government contracts and the level of quality control will be lowered even farther because there are no consequences or accountability…Remember that this is for the security of our ports and our nation…What it has done is line the pockets of , at the expence and frustration of law abiding citizens…I wonder how many sailors,truckers and port employees have lost jobs and income over this ridiculous failure …


I applied for my TWIC as a truck driver, but told the guy that I was going to get my MMD in the near future. He was nice enough to put me down as a MM and explained it would save me some problems down the road.


Ya same here…I was still an owner operator when I did this and didn’t think it mattered …I’m glad I went with the marine version…

The company that I work for has small boats too…Those guys only operate them a few times a week, the rest of the time they work in a wharehouse and also use semis to move our equipment to various locations…I need to ask how they are doing this…