TWIC implementation

Hey all,

First real post here, I’ve been seeing ads on Facebook for a while and decided to check it out. This site seems like a really good resource and I’m sure it will only get better as more people join and it grows. Anyway, I’m moderately fresh out of Mass Maritime and happily sailing as a 3rd engineer. I picked up some info from the hall last week on the implementation of the TWIC cards and I was just wondering what some of the wisened fellows think of the whole ordeal. Theres already enough paperwork in the industry, I hope the gov’t can figure this thing out. I dont have a whole lot of faith to begin with so we’ll see. Anyone from Baltimore already started the process?

We are recording our next podcast and our “Mariner’s Perspective” from Capt. Kelly Sweeneythis week will focus on some troubling reports he’s received regarding TWIC. The bottom line from him is beware if you were born outside of the country but only time will tell for the rest of us. Stay tuned.

Anyone else have an experience good or bad?


They are too busy doing things like the 8th Annual Security Seals Symposium to worry about you, the lowly mariner.

Norleen Schumer, former USCG license evaluator, has posted some great article about TWIC on her blog:

Maritime Licensing Blog - TWIC

She has also launched a business helping mariners who are having trouble with licensing issues. Here’s her contact info and be sure to mention gCaptain when you call:

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USCG License Consultants

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<p align="center]
360-447-8328 9-5 M-F Pacific Time

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360-616-2730 FAX

Nothing bad to report for me. I guess mine was a textbook experience. I pre-enrolled online. Took the sheet up there(Fourchon Port Commission). Paid for my card and took my picture. Be sure not to smile. I was specifically told not to smile. Anyway, about 3 weeks later I got an e-mail saying it was ready for pick up. I called first and went up there. I waited for about 25 minutes and once in the back about 6 more minutes and I was gone. Not too bad and the people were very friendly. I don’t know if that is the standard or if I just got lucky.