Yep, more toys

Ruger Super Redhawk in .454 / 45 Colt In Target Grey. 1999 model. Been wanting one of these for years. Should be able to shoot and clean possums in 1 shot :slight_smile:

Nice iron but it can get meat on both ends. I came within a hair of getting a Freedom arms with 2 cylinders. One for 454/45LC and the other for 45Win mag/45ACP. I bought an SSK 375JDJ instead. Looking back, I should have gotten both.

Yeah the recoil is pretty harsh with the larger bullets. It recoils straight back, not up or to the side. First time I shot one years ago I was trying to manhandle it like a .44 mag. Big mistake, was pushing down with my grip hand and up with my support hand. Reminds me of slipping on ice sticking your hand out to catch your fall and whack!
But man, does it put it on the target. I would have liked to have gotten one of the orginal 5 shot Freedom Arms revolvers but they are super spendy and rare. Looked at the .480 (out of production and ammo is not available locally) Looked at the .500 and shot it. No thank you. Overpriced ammo and 3x the price. Plus you can’t shoot 45 colt out of it and I like that.

Update. I have always liked Ruger handguns, even more now. If you look at the picture you can see the rear sight was knocked off / damaged. This happened when my nephew and I were shooting it. - This is why you only load one shell when letting someone new shoot one of these cannons. I contacted Ruger about buying a replacement rear sight they said “What happened?” I told them. They said “don’t worry, we’ll get one out to you” So I recieved it today and put it on. Like new now. THANKS RUGER!!! So if your considering a handgun purchase, look at the Rugers! This one was “new” in 1999 and Iam not the orginal buyer.