Ordered a NEW toy MKA-1919

Ordered a NEW toy. 12ga semi auto. Comes with 3 chokes and two 5 round mags. No drum mags… yet!

that’s insane.

This thing ROCKS!!! Spins thru the 5 round mags faster than I can pull the trigger! Comes with 3 chokes(CB,IC,FULL) and two mags. Ordered 8 more mags. :wink: 25 rds 00 buck some #4 steel and #6 lead. a few hickups on the # 6 but the shotgun is not broken in yet. Top rail is clamp on carry handle, has mount rail for optic. Mount did rattle loose while firing, slight twist on screws and all good. Has hold open on last shot. (much better than Saiga) Basicly the same controls as the AR. Safety,bolt release, mag drop button could be a hair bigger.

The instructions say run 150-200 rds to break it in (+1300 fps, buck,slug) and it SHOULD feed the wimpy #8’s and stuff for playing later. Tried the Cyl choke and the full choke. Just playing today and did not notice a big diff. between the two.

Mags are not “drop free” that I don’t like. Hit the button. then pull they do come out one handed though. But would be better if they just fell out to make mag changes faster. maybe add a flat sinker inside the bottom of the mag? Or more use to get em limbered up.

Alunimum upper and thick poly lower. Stock,grip, trigger and magwell are one piece.

Sure is fun though!

Just a quick trip to play with it today. I’ll spend a day at the range later.

It shoots 2 3/4 and 3. The bcg is more like an remington 1100 or charles daily. It looks like an AR, shoulders like an AR, controls are like the AR but it does not “tip” open.

(5) 3" shells packed with 00 buck can throw (65) .33 Caliber projectiles in about a second and a half.

That’s some pretty awesome firepower.

10 round mag… Boom! I really like this shotgun solidly built. These mags lock up tight with no wiggle and "feel’ sturdy. Bring on the Zombies,computers,ninja elves and anybody else trying to get my brown party liquor!!!

Let’s see - 3" 00 buck has (15) .33 caliber pellets each. You can rapid fire 10 shots in about 2 seconds. That’s (75) .33 rounds a second.

That’s a lot of lead going down range fast. Bring on the Zombies.

Jet you really need to move to a more 2nd amendment friendly state. Look at all the fun you’re missing out on.

[QUOTE=Fraqrat;156428]Jet you really need to move to a more 2nd amendment friendly state. Look at all the fun you’re missing out on.[/QUOTE]

Connecticut Yankeeland used to be somewhat gun friendly until that fuckshit asshole Adam Lanza gave the anti-gun movement real traction. Now, I can not legally purchase a single .22 bullet until I submit to a background check and pay $35 for a 5 year ammo license. Want to buy a long gun? $35 more please. Want a hand gun. You need a serious background check, take classes and pony up some Franklins. Want an evil “black gun” like Reb Rider just bought or a magazine with over 10 round capacity? Nope, you can’t even bring one in the state without being subject to a “Class D” felony.

[QUOTE=lm1883;156437]Then punish them by taking your tax dollars elsewhere.[/QUOTE]


Upon graduation, I think I’ll be working MSC. It will be like 10 months on and 2 off. Folks are cool with letting me come back to the house in CT when I’m off so I can save money.
I guess I need to get them to retire and move to Florida or something.

or find an out of State gal who will put up with me.
I hear the Texas women are hot and they like men who know how to shoot.

[QUOTE=lm1883;156443] Besides, after you impress that pretty lady with all the sea stories you gonna take her home to your folks basement??[/QUOTE]

Had not considered that.

Ah heck, it’s simpler to just date Trixie La Rue and not have to deal with all the drama.

Washington, New Hampshire, Texas, Florida, Tennessee plenty of places to plant your flag.

[QUOTE=Jetryder223;156444]Had not considered that.

Ah heck, it’s simpler to just date Trixie La Rue and not have to deal with all the drama.[/QUOTE]

Get your self a class “C” motorhome and go where ever the hell you want to! Go to an income TAX free state that allows guns of any flavor. Pay the rent at the rv park. Get a DL and regester your RV then roam the US looking for adventure and cool guns in your off time. Gold panning in Georga? Diamond hunting in Arkansas? Salmon fishing in Michigan, Turkey hunting in Misouri, Elk hunting in North Dakota, Exploring Alaska. Whatever you can dream up.

Also I’ve seen a 23 round stick mag, but hell that’s a mono-pod, lol.

Got a Truglo Turkey choke. Hold the phone… Using 3 inch Federal Turkey Thug #6 lead shell. THIS IS ONE SHOT @ 25 yards. This thing groups tighter than my Beretta AL390, w/ trying several diff chokes. Being a hunter it’s always good to keep your eyes open for DINNER!!! (last pic, the range mascot. Damm thing is not afraid of the shooting, hey it’s ALABAMA :wink:

This shotgun has a *** Chrome Bore *** as well.

Choke TruGlo Gobble Stopper # TG172XC Choke is .665 dia.
i don’t know if it’s just this combo or if all their chokes work this well, I was shocked.

Was going to replace the irons with an elaborate red dot / holo. It’s not needed. Becides I like Iron sights best.I’m old I guess,lol. This one has a “peep” and a V flip up. Like the peep better.
No batterys,no jarring anything loose, etc.

Front sight is NOT adjustable it’s a steel post set in a poly frame bolted to the barrel.(no movement I checked) The carry handle is poly as well that may get replaced.(you have to check the screws about every 20 shots cause it will work loose. The choke has to be checked as you go as well. Who knew steel carry handles were so spendy?? (60-80$) Hell most of the guys I know toss it the first week for an EOTEC that cost as much as the damm gun. lol. Shot @ 50 yards and scored more than enough hits to feel confidant shooting at that range.(no pic)

Did get some double takes at the range, esp when I started blasting.

Shot a whole box 100 rounds of wally world 7.5. ($24) Worked great. Pattern was super tight as well.

Switched Chokes (comes with 3 - Cyl,Mod,Full from factory) to shoot some 00 buck. Mod choke worked the best. Avg. 8 pellets in torso. (cheepo- Superma 00 buck $12 per 25) Estate 00 buck is way better.

I need to get some slugs and play with it, might be a good deer smasher as well.

Shot plain jane #6 worked great it would bag a TOM but no where near the Thug ammo. Plain #6 1 oz 2 3/4 Thug # 6 1 7/8 oz 3 inch [U]with almost twice the shot[/U]. both lead no plated.

Did I mention this thing [B]ROCKS![/B]

Had a few hickups, I have not cleaned it yet now about +200 rounds, still banging. Out of the box with about 8-12 drops of 3 in 1 oil.
A few misfeeds that could be the dirt or feed lip on the mags. Had one mag that was hit or miss with holding the bolt open after the last shot. Marked it and will keep an eye on it. Did notce some problems with the 10 rounder. If you loaded it with 10 and put it in with the bolt closed you had to rack it twice. If done with open bolt worked fine.

I was impressed it did so well with the cheepo stuff. (1200 fps)

Picked up 8 more 5 round mags for it. I had trouble in this same area with My PSL-54c later on mags were non-existant or insane priced. I have one of the rare marked 5 rounders not some garage stuff, watched one go on ebay last week for [B]$145.00[/B] plus shipping. [U]So that won’t happen again…EVER![/U]

Curious how this will do with slugs @ 50 and 100 yards. Short barrel so I would expect a considerable drop.

Post some pics.

According to the “internet” it does quite well. I haven’t tried it yet as I forgot my slugs when I went to the range yesterday. I’ve also seen/read about a rifled slug choke but have never used one so don’t know anything about them. I do know that if I can get a Turkey in range I’ll bag one with no problems. :slight_smile: Might be the first to do so as most of the people that own these are obsessed with the “tactical” aspect of these guns.
In theroy it’s the ultimate turkey gun. Lightweight,Dense pattern,Optic ready, rifle sights,carry handle,sling ready, flip type safety.(no damm goofy tiny button) and semi-auto so if you needed a follow-up shot it’s instant. Also it’s much more compact, easier to carry for run-n-gun and to use in blind.

The AR style sight is [U]perfect[/U] for lining up a bird. Front pin on neck and the V touching left and right sides of the bird at range. I need to play with some decoys but it might be a good “ranging” device. Woulndn’t that be something?

The only 2 downsides are the saftey is a bit noisy, it has a detent that makes a small click sound. I you have ever clicked your safety off and seen the reaction from game you know what I mean. The trigger pull is about 8-12 lbs. a bit stiff for pulling off a longer range shot with no support (freehand) Later I may look around inside and see if I can slick it up.

I wanted the mossy oak bonz camo one but didn’t want to pay the +200.00. This is an older version the camo now is darker(Price is wrong on this pic)

I got these 5 shot mags - 8 of them :D. They are not the tacticool black and are sold as 2 3/4 inch shell only, but I tried a 3 inch shell and it cycles manually.Have to shoot and see.
If they feed I’d better get another 8!

So I got a home run!

Got the typical load of AR crap, put it on the gun… shot it, carried it hunting and took all the crap off back to iron sights. I did keep the forward grip and sling it works. I must be getting old cause I don’t like all the bells and electronic gizmos. Gimmie the irons and I’ll hit the bullseye everytime.

I did get a Carlsons breacher choke just cause I won it off ebay for 1/2 price. I’ll use it for slugs and buckshot and it looks cool :smiley:

Here’s the choke. Carlson’s Breaching Choke. It’s an IC choke. shot #6,7.5 and 00 buck. @ 25 yards pretty decent pattern. I’ll try slugs at some point.

Won it for $24 shipped vs the new price of $49-54.

Watch out doors!!! I’m hunting you!

Previous post showed a target shot with the truglo choke and the #6 turkey Thug ammo and I misspoke to the size. That’s a [B][U]12 inch[/U][/B] target not 24 inch. :smiley:

[QUOTE=Jetryder223;156799]Curious how this will do with slugs @ 50 and 100 yards. Short barrel so I would expect a considerable drop.

Post some pics.[/QUOTE]

According to what I can find on the net the Best barrel length for any 12 ga load is 20 inches, which this one is.Also no benfit is gained by using a barrel longer than 20 inches.The quality of the choke is the deciding factor on patterns.