Shot my M91 the other day at the range

300 yards hitting the steel with surplus ammo. 1938 Tula $89.00 rifle (Fleet Farm) $100 posp 4x scope (SVD Military) tapped and mount $24. Bent bolt $40, bipod $5 damaged flea market find. Factory military trigger sucks but with some buffing it’s good. So for about $250 and some skill. I can play with the “big boys” man does it piss em off. :slight_smile: About $90.00 for 440 rounds… I wish I had a 500-800 range to shoot at. 5 out of 5 with boring regularty @ 300 yards. Orange steel target at the far end. It’s fun to shoot and shows ya what those “old crappy bolt action mass produced WW2 guns” can do. I have another that’s totaly stock and is a tack driver even with the iron sights.

This is also my deer gun. Going this afternoon.

No deers! Dammit.