New Toy. AR 47

Got an AR15 pistol in 7.62x39. This thing rocks. Even has a brace that you would never put your shoulder on. :wink: I was leary about getting a AR15 pistol in 7.62, read too many horror storys online. Happy to say this thing kicks @ss. 7 inch barrel with all kinds of trick parts on it. Shot group at 25 yards I can cover with my thumb. Just playing and hit the gong at 300 several times (hell I could barely see it) very impressed. Used an old truglo triton red dot.

This is now my SHTF gun. Short,goes bang and uses a round twice the weight of the .223. Used some old .223 20 rdr mags loading 5 shots and it fed no hickups. (Even one of the crappy thermold ones that barely work in the AR15 worked ) I got the 28 rounder, one 10 and two old colt AR15 20 rounders with it. I was suprised to see the 28 rounder was a “pro mag” and it fed fine.

Palmetto State Armory upper and lower. Sig arm brace, Flaming pig flash/brake. NX3 or something. Shooting crappy Tula ammo. She’s filthy but still going bang.

But this thing makes my Coach gun seem quiet. Yikes! oh and that stick looking thing under the forward grip fell off (not really)

Got my arm brace adjusted so it fits better.