Ordered a NEW toy MKA-1919

Well closed out the 2015 turkey season with no bird. No fault of the firearm, just didn’t want to shoot a Jake!
Next year will be the home run.
Saw 4 jakes,two jennys, 6-9 hens, but only 1 tom that I flushed while walking to a food plot. I could have taken the shot but did not want to chance wounding a bird. Rather take a clean kill shot anyway.

My 2nd year hunting EO Raptors.(Turkeys used to be Raptors!) So far Me - 0 Turkeys - 2. If you watch Turkey hunting videos on you tube, it appears anybody with a whammo slingshot could get one but in the real woods they are very, very good at avoiding you /not getting shot. Prob the most challenging hunting I have ever done, much better than deer hunting.

Still 20 days on the season but I have to go back to dang work tomm!