1911 Back from engraver

[B]Thought some of you might get a kick out of these pictures of my .45 auto that I got back from engravers today.[/B]
[B]The prop and anchor emblems came directly off my license art.[/B]
[B]The eagle is a modified golden chicken,and the ship was a design that the engraver found that I liked.[/B]
[B]Engraving and photos by JR French[/B]

[B]Enjoy :cool:[/B]

Beautiful piece! My series 70 has the same hardware, just not as pretty. I didn’t fare the port but lowered it 1/16th inch. Flawless feed.

Nice government model!:slight_smile: I’d love to get a Les Baer- much less an ENGRAVED Les Baer!:eek:

Nice . . . what barrel/bushing do you have?

Dang that’s a nice looking pistola! I have 2 Wilson Combats, 3 Kimbers and a Frankenstein that I built on a Springfield slide and frame, and I’d damned near trade them alll for that Les Baer. I’ll bet it’s a shooter.

The Model of 1911, .45 ACP…a fighting man’s weapon.


NICE! hanks for giving my edc P40 a serious inferiority complex! :stuck_out_tongue:

The best gun $6995.00 can buy.