Revisiting the Civil War


Had a fun day outdoors! These are .58 caliber DAMM YANKEE bullets!

Never thought I’d be glad to be able to DIG A HOLE!!!


Ever find other artifacts? Belt buckles, etc?

I live in Ol’ Virginny…there’s a bit of the dig going on here too.

I’ve got two eagle crossbelt plates. In the dark of night I snuck in Virginny and got one of em’ :wink: I have one US cartridge plate and mason jars of mini balls. Only One Conferdrate block “A” button and several other local unit ones. I even have some 1812 buttons that I dug. Bayonets, Cannonballs, fuses, case shot. But sadly the CS plate has always eluded me. Used to do it alot back in the min-90’s then got divorced got a harley and rode off!

I still pick at it once in awhile, I enjoy hunting in the water for rings too.

Alot of fun to find and always a thrill. If you able and have the intrest give it a whril!

Awesome! always gotta love things that have a history to them.

Are you gonna plant them?

[QUOTE=Glaug-Eldare;155099]Are you gonna plant them?[/QUOTE]

If I did I wonder what would grow?