Workboat lodged on a wellhead!?

Can any of the workboat guys (Capt. Lee?) explain this one!?

USCG Crews Rescue 8 From GOM Workboat

Coast Guard crews rescue nine people after a workboat struck and became lodged on a wellhead near Venice, La., seven miles north of Main Pass.

Running over it.

The Lady Marie is actually a crewboat. I know a little about them. I am surprised they have went this long without hitting anything. I know one of their captains pretty good and he is a great mariner, but other than him, the rest really don’t get it. When an aluminum boat hits a steel platform or sattelite it is never pretty. The lady Marie is a well built Neuville Hull. It is a shame this company (New Iberia Crewboats and Marine Services) can not retain top shelf guys. They pay 100% medical (BC & BS) after you are there a year and match dollar for dollar on the 401K and also offer a generous christmas bonus. I had once heard they were hitting something on a weekly basis.

Yeah Lee…that’s the company that wouldn’t hire you. Hmmmmm…wonder what that means.Laterrrrrrrrr…

No they hired me. They wanted to cut my pay for about 6 mos until the lady Marie came out. I tried to convince them to keep me on as a trainee until it came out, that way they would have an experienced Captain to jump right on there and do the job. They did not listen to me and see what happened? That 60 bucks a day for 6 months would have paid off big time.

Everyone has probably seen the picture of I believe it was the State Brigade with the living quarters of a platform perched on top of the wheelhouse. The rest of the story is the same boat hit the same platform a few months later.

Another strange one was in the 70’s, there was a satillite off Trinidad was struct by a vessel and submerged. Unreported. A Euro-Pirates vessel was transiting the field a couple of years later and the wellhead speared the vessel stem-on. It drove the bowthruster engine down the companionway all the way to the engine room door. The Texaco well info and block# sign was still on the wellhead.

Not suprising when you look at all the scrap iron out there.


Hopefully incidents like this don’t become more common as talent gets spread thin as more newbuilds come out.


Hopefully incidents like this don’t become more common" I think they
already are. I heard a workboat hit transocean’s Discoverer Eneterprise
last week and the DNV auditors initial assesment is they ahve to go to
shipyard to fix it. BIG mistake.

Talents are being spread thin and I hope the transition goes smoothly. Not only do we need to find new talent, but we have to become comfortable with them, which in many cases can take years. I have been spoiled for the past 5 years being trained by some of the best and working alongside some professionals that have made me a better mariner. Now I guess it will be time for me to help someone. I just wish that someone would show up quick. We have a new boat coming out and they are splitting up the bridge and engine room. It is going to be interesting to say the least.

Capt. Lee I’m eagerly waiting the opportunity to get out there and help out if the CG would just find all my test scores. Just hoping to get with a good company and some talented folks that want to show me the ropes.

Well Doc I can tell you My company “Chouest” is going to need some experienced people. The have some double hull supply boats coming out and 4 more Anchor Handlers coming in addition to 8 tugs. I look forward to meeting you.


Injunear these guys don’t know what euro-pirates and state boat was. thats the oldies. LOL

Scarey ain’t it!! Few remember Caspary & Wendel, 20 Grand, KerrMac, Glasscock ect…It’s called Father Time kicking you in the a$$!! LOL!!

Well I just got some inside information on this. The Captain on watch is an experienced 100 ton Master and has been with the company for many years. He started as a deckhand on the crewboats and got his license and has been a Captain for about 7-8 years. He came out of Baptiste Collette and had about a 17 mile run to Main Pass 71 field. This area is best transited going through the Bar-B-Que Pits (two sattelites in the shape of pits) and passing a little North of an old platform called the Thousand leg Platform (because it is old and has many legs). If you take this route you have an open shot with very few stationary targets. Mistake #1, He did not take this route. Mistake #2, The Captain put a green OS on the wheel. This guy had only been with the company 5 days and had never been on a boat before in his life. The Captain was checking his chart to see where he was at. The deckhand never said anything and BAM! Mistake #3, there were no life threatening injuries involved, (So I was told) and all the damge to the vessel was above the water line. The Coast Guard told the Captain not to move the vessel and sent rescue. The vessel could have freed itself and made it back to port. I can’t say if this was a mistake or not, but after two days of sitting on the structure it did free itself and went in for repairs. 5 of the 7 people onboard are more than likely going to sue. Merry Christmas!


Throttle Jockey

“Throttle Jockey” - Wow. You know Capt.Lee personally!!

I like to call him “Capt.RPM” or “Capt.No reserve power to get out of jam” or “Capt. Wake everyone up for no apparent reason with the thrusters” or “Capt. Validictorian of Star-Center simulator” or “Capt. Airbag”

Thanks Lee!

Guest: As a Offshore Toolpusher I know likes to say “Run Her Like You Stole Her BOYS!!!”


Anchorman you sound like you have a chip on your shoulders for captain lee maybe you guys should get together outside this forum its guys like you who I worry about working offshore. Maybe you can post something that will help the industry and new guys who read this stuff and not be an airbag yourself. And who calls there self anchorman kinda gay huh

Actually guest we work together and we have been working together on the same boat for almost 5 years. Everything is taken in stride. We are pretty good friends and Anchorman has helped me a lot with technical questions and dealings with the Coast Guard. It’s all good and I really find it pretty funny at times.

Yes…I’m a very bad man!!! With a VERY VERY BIG CHIP…if thats what you wanna call it, fine with me!!!