Who's hiring?

Hey guys I currrenty reside in Jacksonville. Just received my MMC and have my passport and TWIC. Looking for companies that hire entry level deckhand. I’m currently working Marine Construction and I have experience working on a barge. Any suggestions where I should look ?

You’ve got plenty of options in Jacksonville.

Union hall…

Brusco is hiring.

What option do I have in Jax ? Of course I know MSC and Crowley. Anybody else ?

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[QUOTE=captjamied;167644]Brusco is hiring.[/QUOTE]

Thanks I’ll put in a app. Are they looking for deckhands ?

Moran, Mcallister, mobro, vane

Smith Marine is near Jax. Signet has a few boats running out of Jax there office is in Tx though.

Ordinary seamen, I heard…

[QUOTE=“Tugted”]Moran, Mcallister, mobro, vane[/
Here’s my scoop. I’m looking to take my uscg licensing exam next week. Any idea if these companies would hire a deckhand who aspires to move up the ranks once their license comes in? I just can’t afford to take the 3-6 weeks off that it tAkes to receive credentials in the mail…

I wish you a good luck

Tradewinds towing in Green Cove…good outfit interesting trips…