Where in the heck are all the jobs?

I graduated from SUNY Maritime a couple years ago, and I haven’t found a decent job yet!! I know that jobs are short deckside, but I didn’t think it would be this bad. I signed with MMP, but I didn’t want to live and deal with the NY hoopla, so I haven’t found any work with them. There is another company that would offer me work on the side, but the hitches were quick and far between. The only problem that I can think of is that I didn’t grow up on the coast, so I don’t have anyone to lead me down the right path…or hook me up with a job as it seems to be the case. I’ve probably sent out 50 resumes all this time, and I can’t find squat. I know I interview well too, but I haven’t had anyone give me the time of day for an interview. Seems the SUNY Maritime 100% job placement guarantee is a load of bologna. I have had several people tell me the same. Any advice would be appreciated so I don’t starve!

Call the guys you graduated with and get them to submit your resume. It seems down in the oilfield it’s as much who you know as what you know

Sounds like you are expecting someone to GIVE you a job. If I were on the edge of starvation I can’t imagine that I would be too concerned with the MMP and the 'hoopla" in NY. My advice, take a job, any job- until you have the experience. Prove yourself a good seaman, get your name out there and soon you will be turning down work!

Good Luck.

OSG I looking for mates. A 3 mate just quit on my ship

They’re out there for sure… look.

You will find that there is work, maybe just not your ‘dream job’. I turned in more like 300 resumes and got three replies while working a ‘land job’ that I really didn’t like. Of the three companies that got back to me one turned into a Job, because I had a reference who knew someone at that company. Not a ‘top tier’ employer but its nice to be on the water, gaining experience and I’ve got a crew I can get along with. http://www.americanwaterways.com/about_awo/carrmem.asp There is a list of almost every major boat company. Emailing a resume is not likely to get a response, but it doesn’t hurt your odds.

Pound pavement or pound sand…

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Well said!

Swallow your pride and sail unlicensed if need be. A lot of officers on here have at one time or another, including myself. (Not implying you’re not willing to do it)

E-mail isnt going to help you much in this industry. I have gotten very little response to e-mailed resumes compared to phone calls.

Talk to a person and talk to them often. Before long they will know you by name and your paperwork will find its way to the top of the pile. Sometimes you get really lucky and you call the day someone quit.

When I first went back to sea I had the shoreside mentality for finding a job and I probably sent out a hundred resumes. I got 1 interview and 1 job offer. After being on the boat and LISTENING to the guys who had been around a while, when I was ready to make a move I hit the phones instead of the computer. I ended up getting multiple interviews and was able to pick the best offer. I still get called from other companies because they remember me from a conversation and not just a piece of paper.

i’ve heard the same. thanks for the input.

Try bouchard

Thanks for all the help, everyone. I guess I know what I’ve got to do.

hmmm i found a list of alottt of ship companies and started finding email addy’s,phone numbers, online apps. i filled out the apps, emailed a personalized application and resume with copies off all my documents, first i got a hit from MSC but got booted when i found out i waz a victim of identity theft, did it all over again and a month later am being flown out to tampa for a 2nd interview with UMG. but out of at least 60 companies applied for i got 3 interviews out of them so,its a numbers game. then again u can always hire a head hunter.
somne of these are not shipping companies but suppliers but a good place!

The new OS onboard my boat had a friend with zero experience just his documents get hired on at Chouest on Wednesday he came down to make the rounds in person and got hired just like that

guy got lucky/ they just fired someone/ or he sold himself well. good luck to him!

[QUOTE=sirius proof there is …;65041]Try bouchard[/QUOTE]

[U]Do not try Bouchard unless you are about to lose your house and fighting rats for food![/U]

Where is that laughing smilie face at? Morty must be on a heavy duty bender!!!

It’s a shame really, they have some of the best looking equipment out there, if they wernt so sketchy I would consider going over there.

[QUOTE=KennyW1983;68290]Where is that laughing smilie face at? Morty must be on a heavy duty bender!!!

It’s a shame really, they have some of the best looking equipment out there, if they wernt so sketchy I would consider going over there.[/QUOTE]

Best looking equipment? Give it time Morty and his constant neglect or refusal to fix anything will take its toll even on the newest units soon!