Job sites/ postings

Good Afternoon Everyone,
I’ll start by introducing myself. My name is Brian and am a recent graduate from SUNY Maritime with my third mate unlimited license. I have been looking for a job at sea since October without much luck thus far. I have had experience with two separate cadet trips with a tanker company and again with an inland towing company.
My question is if anyone knows of any company looking for mates at this time or some good job posting sites beside this one. I’ve sent in many applications with various companies with much luck.
Thank you all for your time and have a wonderful holiday season

Keep filling out applications. The maritime industry is cyclical, and you picked the worst year in a while to graduate. Mate’s are having a particularly hard time finding work. Remember that there are guys out there with decades of experience who are looking for jobs. Consider anything to get your foot in the door. Even take an AB job if you can get it. A lot of academy grads think it’s beneath them. But it’s not. Especially in an economy where MBAs are working at MacDonalds. Keep calling and filling out applications. Make sure the crewing manager thinks of your name when a spot opens up. Something will come up, and work will pick up again.

Well said!

Just to add a piece of advice:
After sending an aplication, give a call to crew manager asking about the job. Hearing someones voice is a good reminder for crew manager to pick you out of many similar aplications.

Keep a log of your calls, and try again after a month or two.

Take anything you can get buddy. Beside the sea time and expierence you got at suny and cadet shipping you won’t start as a mate most likely. As a graduate of suny as well things have been hard latly as I’m sure you know. Keep ur head up and keep in contact with the offices.