Where to look for a 3rd mates job?

I work with 2 guys that read this forum ever once in a while,I told them I would post this:p, both Mass maritime grads with 3rd mates unlimited. When the job market was good they both had good seagoing jobs, then got sick of shipping out I guess, took a break and now make 12.00hr working on a passenger ferry!!! Now they are looking to sail on there license in this crappy job market and it’s just not happening.

  We always talk about the job search all the time, Besides the obvious, where might they look for a 3rd mates job?? Should they look at a crewing agency??Kelly Sweeney? Seems like MSC and Noaa, tugs and all the big company aren't even hiring mates just DPO. I told them make up 50 resume packets and mail them out to every company hiring or not,I said this might be a better strategy that waiting for a 3rd mate job post to be posted or fall in there lap??  Any leads or advice would be appreciated.

 Your welcome JP and MM

It sounds like you gave them good advise Jeff. Try the jobs thread on this site too. Then there is usajobs. That’s the gov’t job website. Any NOAA or COE type jobs come up there. They might also try the companies on the Great Lakes. Even if they start as AB, its better than the ferries. Best of luck.