Third Mate seeking employment asap!

I have never been a blog person but I truly appreciate what this site is able to offer. I am a recent graduate of SUNY Maritime and the job market seems incredibly slow right now. My passion has always been to get on board a cruise ship but I am reaching out to any mariners on here if they have any advice, tips, or guidance in order to help me start sailing on my license. Please contact me day or night. Thanks

This just came in on gCaptains job board via Rigzone. Here’s the link to apply. LINK

[B]3rd Mate / JDPO – GOM

Employer: Helix Energy Solutions Group
Desired Expertise: Dynamic Position Officer, Heavy Lift / Pipelay, Ships Mate
Experience: 2+ years
Education: Tech/Vocational Cert.
Location: G.O.M., United States

From its infancy as strictly a diving business, Helix Energy Solutions Group has evolved into an integrated marine contractor and operator of offshore oil and gas properties and production facilities worldwide. From the very beginning, we’ve set high standards for excellence and effort in every facet of our business and we continue to follow that path without deviation.

The best advise I can give you is to join a union as the vast majority of unlimited tonnage or deep sea jobs are dispatched out of either AMO or MMP halls . That is not to say don’t apply with the big non union oil companies or exploration companies but those openings are rare and can tell you from experience that hiring decisions from these guys can take months if at all. If you really want to work on a cruise ship I believe cruise west out of seattle is hiring. Also the NCL ship(s) that run the Hawaiian islands hire all their officers out of the MEBA hall in long beach. Hope I was some help.

Linblad Expeditions has cruise ships.

thank you for the advice. Can I get your thoughts on which Union is better? I know it may come down to a matter of preference.

It is a matter of preference. The best union is the one that gets you the best job for you.

[QUOTE=Capt_Anonymous;14442]It is a matter of preference. The best union is the one that gets you the best job for you.[/QUOTE]

Well said, once again, Capt_A.

Actually I would firmly go with AMO right now MMP has better pay and benefits but you could go broke waiting for a call its just so slow. I ended up spending my last dime waiting in the long beach hall and being their during call. I had to take a job at Von’s unloading trucks so I could save enough money to get a plane ticket home

Don’t be picky.

DEEP SEA : Aside from that - union-wise - go with MM&P and again, don’t be picky. They have some poor contracts that a lot of applicants are not willing to take. As an applicant, I’ll take anything that comes my way - whether it be on a Maersk container ship or a T-AGS vessel (by the way, the T-AGS are the crappy pay). The trick is to get the experience, get the certifications and THEN worry about the high pay. AMO has jobs as well (search U.S. Shipping Partners on the web for an example) - might be a good place to get experience. I’ve heard more complaints from AMO officers than MMP, though.

INLAND : If you have an interest in working on tugs, you are going to start as deckhand and then move up, once you have your towing endorsement. It’s not a bad way to go, as the schedule is much better than deep sea and fairly consistent. It is much more hands on - I once put it as getting a graduate degree in shiphandling.

A lot depends on your career goals. The main thing is to get the first job and start getting some experience. You will be low man on the totem pole wherever you start - the license is just the ticket to on the job training. If youi have questions, drop me an email at