Maritime Work - Looking for employment

I’m presently a 3rd Mate/1600 Mate but am planning on taking the 1600 Master exam as soon as I can schedule in B-more.
I’m looking for something different that tankers and something that’s newer than 22 years old. My wife would like me to find something with a shorter roation.
I’m open to anything so I appreciate any leads


Try Chouest. The unlimited ticket will help, but recently, is seems like its been hard to get on. Otto Candies is worth a try…along with Hornbeck. Those three have the unlimited vessels with short rotations.

Hornbeck just came out with their new MPSV supposedly the largest supply vessels around? They converted the old Freeport/McMarran sulfur tankers. Their Supply boats have some top notch people supporting them. My old Engineer works at Otto Candies and tells me the money is about typical. I don’t understand the 3rd Mate/1600 ton Mate thing though, I always though the 3rd was greater than? Anyway do you have any Towing experience? If so, try Vane Brothers in Baltimore.

Yeah, what’s up with having two Mate licenses? I haven’t seen that B4.

Hey Tim. So whats wrong man? Tired of getting stuck out there with no relief on those beautiful product tankers. Mabye there is an opening on the Pioneer…jk Well if you havent guessed this is Chris. Give me a shout sometime. I dont know of much right now Down in the Gulf other than what everyone else is saying Candies, Chouest, Hornbeck. I know some of our friends have gone over to drillships not sure where, I think Transocean but not sure whos really actively hiring. Hope to hear from you buddy.


I’m looking for something with a normal rotation i.e close to equal time on and off. My ship is on it’s way to be razorblades in the near future so I want to get on something newer (under 20 years old)