East Coast Shipping Company Job Search

Good afternoon,

I am currently being laid off from my job in South Florida. I plan on driving from Miami to New England to move back in with my parents because I cannot find any other employment. I have a 3/M license but am willing to take anything.

I was planning on stopping into various companies along the coast. Does anybody have any tips or suggestions? I was just planning on going in and dropping my resume off and shaking hands with anybody that will listen to me.

Thank you in advance for your help.


With a Third Mate’s license, have you tried the unions?

I have been an applicant of AMO for over a year. I have called almost every day seeing if they have anything on the board with no luck.

I was planning on stopping in and meeting the dispatchers.

Don’t forget the Great Lakes. Boats are laying up for the season now but will be moving again by late March/April.

Crowley in Jacksonville, Maersk in Norfolk, Bouchard in NY


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