New 3rd A/E looking to sail

I am a recent grad of SUNY maritime looking to sail on my 3rd A/E license, I have all the endorsements and am willing to sail on just about any US flag vessel. I was wondering what the best route to take would be. I know at the moment since the bottom fell out of the gulf that things are not as great as they were in 2013. I would prefer to find a permanent billet as a 3rd A/E unlimited for a while, is that asking to much?

Head to your nearest MEBA hall, plunk down $100 to join. There is work and some permanent jobs available. Where are you located?

MSC? Just playing…

Plenty of tug jobs in NY

[QUOTE=Tugted;180042]Plenty of tug jobs in NY[/QUOTE]

Yea, just Google “

I’ve had more sophisticated jobs, but there’s nothing like a tug job to remind a man of his roots.

Lots of good advice up there. . . even the tug jobs, although not the site. . . . I did both MEBA but was not really dedicated enough to it, although I did get some serious sea time there. Ended up working hawser boats and early ATBs. . great experience in all facets.

Mass Job Shopper (no password required)

NOAA is looking

Found Via

Good luck bud.

Look up your closest MMP hall (, go over and tell them you will sail on one the Corsica or Goodwill. They are new contracts. Good luck

NOAA can leave you with a horsepower limit. Be warned.

not discouraging anyone form joining MMP but they do have a pass through agreement with MEBA for the engineers on those ships

Thanks for all of the advice, already looking in to the Corsica, Goodwill and the job down in New Orleans with the army corps of engineers. Anyone know how the pass through agreement with MEBA(which I am currently an applicant at) works? Would it help to talk MMP?

Thank you for all the advice, I’m currently an applicant at MEBA and will be looking in to the pass through agreement with MMP. I talked to the company that manages the Corsica and they sounded interested. Does anyone know how this pass through agreement works?

Again thank you for all of the input.