Not looking for a hand out

Hello all,

O/S here! i just resigned from NEO MSC last week due to being the victim of identity theft(may not be able to reapply for a while). i will most likely will have to go back to my old job as a baggage handler (which i hate,salt is in my blood). i was wondering if there are any good leads for any ships to get on? I am of limited means and cannot make a trip to the gulf or alaska looking for work and strike out.(reside in Jax,Fl) i have been on the phones with gulf and alaska companies for months with only one local interview and little to none return calls. i have a fresh mmd,twic, passport, and bags geared for 4 months at sea straight. im not begging, but scourging for work hasnt been very productive since i started in july, i know no one wants a o/s too much, and was wondering if anyone can help point me in a better direction, any ships,boats, hell even a canoe in the middle of the Atlantic will suit me! im not above scrubbing toilets with a toothbrush, will take any work that gives out seatime. -Thankz

Contact companies on the great lakes, they are gonna start fitting out for the season in about 3 weeks. Interlake, Great lakes fleet, American steam ship, grand river navigation, central marine logistics. Worth a shot

Andrie in the great lakes as well, not heard to much good about them but work is work

Have you tried Crowley in jax and moody brothers aka MoBro marine??

Grand River Navigation on the Great Lakes. 440 930 2024. Ask for Bill.

Moran and McAllister have assist tugs in jacksonville I think.

Ya I forgot about them. Plus Moran and crescent have boats in savanah and Mcallister and seabulk have boats in lauderdale.

moran, cresent, mcallister,seabulk, i have contacted, crowley i emailed called and even showed up right in town…nada, but none of em but moran talked to me.

i have been using rig zone to get a few contacts for GOM boats, and this lil one right here for bigger shipping must of got at least a dozen new companies on my list and sent them all an email, will follow up with twice a week calls a lil later. i got lucky with smith maritime in green cove springs, they gave me a interview, but i think it was one of those “i was calling them too damn much, give him an interview to calm him down” things!

ehhh just got done with todays round of phone calls this time local area, smith maritime, dann in tampa, dann in MD, tradewinds, moran in JAX,Savannah,Miami( they seemed to love my resume), a local casino boat jacksorbetter, all seemed (could of been telling me what i wanted to get on with life) intrested, but as usual full up! ehhhh

You could also try looking at the drilling companies and get on as a Roustabout (deckhand) on a deepwater rig. You’d still earn seatime towards your AB. Check out RigZone for potential companies. Transocean, Seadrill, Atwood, Noble, etc. Most of them you can submit your resume and application online.


Check out this job ad. It’s been up for a while,but worth checking on

Good luck

dunno, i been recently the victim of identity theft and not sure if i can pass the backgrounds for gonvernment work, i gotta clear that up it killed a deckhand job for me with MSC.

well im out of work and was hoping to fall back on my previous avaiation experience/job, but the contact isnt replying to my calls/messages. im not out on my ass yet, but would rather be employed soon, so anybody got ideas on maritime placement agencies, or damn good leads for a o/s?

Epic Divers & Marine, every crewboat company you can find, push come to shove try a headhunter. Maritime headhunters in Washington.

Did you call Grand River Navigation on the lakes? They bought two new boats, a guy from GLMA who just got his license is sailing as a mate to deliver the tugbarge from the gulf back to the lakes leaving march 11. If you really want a job keep calling them.

will do! every little bit of advice is much welcome!

don’t forget inland pushboats, pay is less but you still earn sea time for your AB. Try the companies that work ICW and the smaller companies, easier and quicker to get on with
good luck